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Better to stay semi blind or get cataract surgery but risk going completely blind?

Asked by judyprays (1304points) March 13th, 2009

My grandmother, who is almost 92, is completely blind in one eye and is going blind in another, but, at this point, can still see. Surgery can only fix the seeing eye – but the doctor says there is a 5% chance something will go wrong and my grandmother will then lose the little sight she has.

Personally I’d take the risk and do the surgery, but what I’m afraid of is that because doctors cause her incredible anxiety, and her health is already relatively poor – the fear and stress will be so much that it will cause other problems.

Things to consider—> She lives alone and her hearing is not great so her main form of entertainment is reading. She is a painter and an aesthete – so I imagine enhanced vision is just as appealing as blindness is terrifying.

Looking for opinions, things to consider, ways to make the decision, similar stories…

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