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Really Funny Youtube videos?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) March 13th, 2009

just give ur favorite ir really good ones

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RhettandLink’s American Idol song

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dick in a box and jizz in my pants videos

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You should check out for funny videos, games, flash animations, soundboards, and chat.

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all have some funny videos

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Washington Rap

One of my favorites, but has some salty language.

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@casheroo hahahahaha that was pretty funny,

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Okay so I couldn’t find it on youtube, but it’s hilarious

Pearl the Landlord! (some of her phrases has entered our daily vocabulary!)

He’s gonna kick my ass

Laughing baby

Sneezing panda

I’m sure you guys have seen all these…

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@caeliste those are probably my two favorite youtube videos…no joke!

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Being a horse and goose lover I love these. The kid gets her instant karma after trying to push this guy around a little too much. I love eople getting owned by animals they are harassing. haha

and this…

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