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How does Mac OSX Leopard run on a Mac Mini?

Asked by banachek (2points) October 30th, 2007

Installed it on my Mac Pro, looking for impressions on lower end systems..

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Leopard seems to run no slower than Tiger, even on older computers.

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I use a Mini as a server, and Leopard runs just fine. Animations seem fast and responsive, and apps launch in around the same time they did on Tiger. That said, my Mini is one of the higher end models.

As far as my iMac is concerned, it actually feels like Leopard runs faster than Tiger, but whether or not it’s just the new hocus pocus introduced with Core Animation tricking me into thinking so, I couldn’t say.

All in all: Go for it, I would be surprised if there was a noticeable performance hit.

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These benchmarks seem to confirm my original, anecdotal statement.

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Even on a G4 it runs fine, so the mini should be OK, especially if it’s Intel based.

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