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Is there any partnerfinder site in the Netherlands, what is really doesn't cost a cent?

Asked by tilc (126points) March 14th, 2009

Searching for a site, what is good to find a partner in the Netherlands. But I don’t want to pay monthly or daily to have a login account.

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Go to a bar!

Meeting people in real life is much more fun. :)

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I know… but dutch girls are so dismissive/negative with boys. I don’t know why. This is not just my self-experience, every friend of mine sayin’ this.

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@tilc: Then why not see for yourself? It’s worth a try at least.

And what difference would it make if you went to a website? Couldn’t they be just as dismissive and negative online?

Be confident, be yourself, and see what happens.

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Are they?

Anyway, on TV there are lots of adverts for dating sites which are often free of charge (at least for a while). Anyway, there are probably some good links over at

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thanks maaan, maybe not with the dutch girls is the problem, but with this city… Enschede :)

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Haha, I bet you haven’t met all Enschedean (0.o) girls :P. Anyway, I’ll be finding it out because I’m going to a party in Enschede somewhere at the end of April ;-)

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WOW :) nice one! Than I can hook up with you easily with dutch girls. Tell me when you’re comin!

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Heh, it’s April 25th, but I’m not that much of a hookupper ;-)

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Haha ja Enschede en Oost-Nederland in het algemeen.. de barren hier ook met het volk dat het trekt.. niet iets om een leuke date uit te halen. En overdag ergens gaan chillen is ook al zinloos geworden omdat iedereen tegenwoordig een vakantiebaantje neemt!

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