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Does it seem to you like NBC news and related programs (ex., "The Today Show") always paint a much grimmer picture of the economy then the other channels?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) March 14th, 2009

If you agree, WHY do you think NBC does this?

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I’ve been a huge fan of NBC and the Today Show for years. Literally used to wake up to that show every morning. With the turn in the economy, and other unfortunate events, it became too much. In fact, I haven’t watched the Today Show, or any other news programming for 4 months now. If I want the news, I go to online sites where I feel I get a much less sensationalized version of our current state of affairs.

Why do they do that? We, as viewers, get caught up in the drama and production of an elaborate news story. Simply put – It sells.

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Here is my theory:

News is negative for the same reason we sit in traffic- people just have to stare at accidents.

Negativity, fear, uncertainty all capture the attention of a good margin of the public.

It would be great if everyone was repulsed by negativity and drama.

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Hmm…I must be missing that section of the Today show. By the time I turn it on, it’s all about spending money on clothes, gadgets and make-up.

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You must be. Do you NOT see their ENTIRE half hours they have with the Financial Counselor about dealing with these disasterous times? And when they have their news breaks. It’s more doom and gloom then other channels.

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I watch it after 8 am. Before that my husband has use of the tv. Usually it’s more entertainment type news, Kathie Lee & Hoda and other nonsense.

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