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What's the best way to build this website for little to no money and with limited programing skills?

Asked by fireside (12359points) March 14th, 2009

I’m trying to put together a small community site with the features listed below:

-Secure Login / Private site
-Member Profiles with user ability to modify and attach image
-Small Craig’s list type of job postings section using multiple categories with user ability to create new posts and attach images
-Tagging capability that will allow people to sort all profiles or postings by keyword
-Some way for members to contact each other about postings or projects, but without leaving them exposed to external spam
-Possibly a community events calendar
-Possibly a photo gallery to go along with past community events

Is there a good open source system out there that has most of these features? What would you recommend?

If you think I would be better to go with a system that costs money, which ones and why?

I’ve got a Linux server space to work with, so I’d rather it not be a .net solution. But if there is a good Windows option, let me know and I can consider the hosting element.

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Maybe a Ning network?

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I’ve just set up a sample one on Ning, it’s not bad but I don’t like the fact that they run ads on there. I’d prefer something that i can set up on my server. If it is easy enough to manage.

But I’m going to keep playing with this one for a little while. The user interface is great! Thanks

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@dverhey Thats a good site. has always offered many great services. I strongly suggest trying them out. They free services have ads, for little money, there are no ads, though you must host on their server.

Also try a CMS. There are a few that you can download and manage on your own server like or or or or

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@bluedoggiant – thanks for the list. I actually have joomla and drupal on the server now and am trying to figure out the right modules and configurations to get what i want. I’ll have to check out your other options and see how those look.

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Rightyo tell me what you come up with. I am currently setting up on my server…urgg

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ExpressionEngine could be modified to do almost all of that. It’s a commercial product but has a free version. You could either do it with an open blog system where everyone is a blog author, or buy the forum module for like $50 and install that. You could then modify the member pages to allow people to contact each other, etc. It’s a very powerful script and very easy to modify input fields and stuff to do what you need to do.

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You might be able to do this with elgg.

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wordpress should be dead simple to setup, and with the right plugins it should do everything you’re looking for.

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