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Has anything caused you to view the Internet as "fun" again?

Asked by andrew (16375points) March 14th, 2009 from iPhone

For me, recently, it was discovering that people actually respond to my facebook status updates… It brought back that feeling of “wow, you can do anything!” feeling about the Internet that I felt in the early ‘90s.

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It never stopped being fun for me. I’ve been fascinated with it since the first time I logged on.

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Other than Fluther?

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Uh. Fluther.

And it ain’t just me stroking your ego.

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Fluher & Hulu

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I was one of those people that tried to avoid the Internet for as long as possible. My teenage boys were one of the last kids in school to own a computer. Fluther is what made me a believer.

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I was ‘netless for about seven years and only just recently got back on. That “wow…” sentiment you expressed above is how I feel about all of the new imaging and audio software available. There really aren’t enough hours in the day. any links you good jellies would like to pm me to any such quality sites would be much appreciated

Oh yeah, and This.

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I definitely got very bored with it for a bit, but have recently found some sites I really look forward to going to every day. It’s mostly blogs, Fluther, nerdy tech news/reviews pages and deal websites. I got into the facebook/mySpace thing for a bit, but they just bore the hell of me for some reason and I’m a bit jaded now.

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I have spent the entire morning lying in bed reading blogs written by strippers.

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For me, it’s things like Flickr and Fluther and Facebook (lots of F’s!) that let me stay connected with friends who I wouldn’t necessarily call or email frequently, but I like to know what they’re up to (like you, andrew!).

There are a few blogs and comics and such that I like to read, but for the most part, it’s keeping up with my friends that really made me have fun using the internet again…

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Being a part of a David Bohm dialogue list server, where about fifteen people write long, philosophical answers to timeless questions back and forth to each other and a couple hundred just lurk.

Also, it was total kick doing brainstorming last Thursday on Twitter with @barbarasher It was for people who have wishes they want to come true and need ideas about how to make it happen. I’ve been a part of her author forum for years, but this was super-charged! There’s another #ideaparty next thursday 12pm-12 EST if you want to make yourself a part of it. It’s free. Bring an impossible dream and say what’s in the way of it coming true and what doing it means to you…and a way to write down those amazing answers that will fly!

I’ve also enjoyed lately a place called where you can collect stuff you run into on the internet and show it to other people.

Wow- those things have been really fun!

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Fluther, duh.

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@augustlanyou have something stuck in your fluther

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@Blondesjon Thanks. So embarrassed!

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I keep on discovering new things, although much more slowly than other people, I think. I don’t randomly surf. I usually have an idea about where I’m going, and I go there. Askville invited me, and from them I learned about fluther, and I do enjoy writing to other sensible people so much, so here I stay. I’m glad fluther is so strictly moderated. It keeps it fun.

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@daloon…You’re right on the money. Any douchebag can troll. It takes a special douchebag, such as myself, to provoke thought.

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First Askville. Then I got bored and tired of it.
Now Fluther. I have yet to get bored/tired. Is better.
But also Twitter recently.
Annnnnd the wine.woot forums.

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@jeruba: My favorite in that genre. It is mostly for amusement.

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Thanks. Wow, some read.

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I just finished the MountainWest RubyConf. Some of the things I saw:

Adhearsion (looks like lots of fun with Asterisk and Skype)
Rhodes (quick and easy phone apps)
Wii Remote to interact with apps on a laptop
Website running on a macbook that accepted text and used the mac’s “say” command to generate a sound file that it played back to the user

I guess what I’m saying is that I get excited anytime I hang out with a bunch of geeks and see all of the crazy/awesome things they’re playing with.

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I just got on facebook and found a bunch of kids I went to high school and even elementary school with. I sent friend requests to a couple and we reconnected. That was pretty cool. Of course when I discovered Fluther that added an element of fun that wasn’t there before.

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obviously fluther!
and the status updates on facebook are definitely the best. you know I can spend all day just reading them and commenting on them and ‘liking’ them. is that ridiculous? probably! and the best thing is, is that the new facebook layout is all about that! what a wonderful day!

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