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where can maggots live?

Asked by sarahclif (135points) October 30th, 2007

can maggots live in the walls of buildings

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Maggots can live in anything thats ideal living conditions. Such as warm dark moist places. usually where you get a lot of flys in the most smelly places you will find some maggots. Dead carcasses, rotting matter, or even rubbish bags which have been left about for a while especially in the summer. i find a lot in the garbage bags if i leave them out for too long especially if theres a lot of bin juice in them. flys love this enviorment and lay a lot of larvae here. :)

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They lived for a short and horrible time in high summer in all my containers and plastic bags of grains, nuts, dried fruits, cereals and pastas. Now I use sealed canning jars and the freezer…but I had to throw out about $100 worth of food, includng the containers. Nothing like reaching for some almonds to throw on one’s oatmeal and find a jar of white worms. Ugh!

My favorite pun as a kid: “Two maggots were fighting in dead Ernest.”

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There are many different species of maggots – depends on their food source.

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