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What do you do on saturdays or the weekend?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7804points) March 14th, 2009

i have kids, young and older. their activities suck the life outta saturday and sunday. not to mention, i seem to have gifts and talents and skills that command me to be SOMEWHERE on the only day that seems to be so “free” for so many other people.

when they ask you at work on friday, “what are you doing for the weekend?” do you say all these exotic plans or do you cringe just thinking about the obligations and commitments you have because you are so busy with family and your, well, skills?

i dont have weekends. i do have small windows of time on saturdays, though, to fluther.

what are you doing on your fat saturday?

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Misdelivering Delivering the US mail.

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@AstroChuck dude, we have a connection fer sure.

great answer!

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After a great weekend breakfast, lovemaking, and a walk, I am now on my own. I am Fluthering at the moment off and on. In between I have some writing to get done, and some cleaning and garage sale prep.

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Lying on my couch, losing the battle against one hell of a head cold. Not what I normally do on a Saturday.

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@Marina i second that! looked at my garage today and shook my head. i need an industrial dumpster to clear all the winter clutter.

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Feed my feral cat colonies.
Go out to lunch with boyfriend.
Do laundry.
Watch TV.
Go to social event at night.

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Other than the things I do every day (feed my husband and give him his meds, feed the dogs, feed the cats and give the sick one his meds, feed my son and give him his meds, give my daughter money and find out where she will be the rest of the day, feed myself and take my own meds, and do at least one load of wash) I am trying not to think about chores, putting away dog and cat food purchased today, and getting ready to take two boys to the ice hockey game today. Tomorrow will include the things I do every day, plus go to church for two services (one to volunteer in the nursery, one to sit in the dark and rest), take my husband out to lunch and do the chores I avoided today.and

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@girlofscience i long for the days of going out on saturday night. it’s all a blur.

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@Darwin uh, you guys ok over there?

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Estate sales, garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets and maybe some drinky.

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@peedub uh, yes, drinky is a nice choice.

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@charliecompany34 – We’re fine. My husband is disabled, my son is bipolar, the cat is really old, and I have a couple of inherited health issues. It is called “life.”

As long as it doesn’t involve rubber gloves I’m okay with it.

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Well this weekend I’m on call and living in a little box right next to hospital, so I am being paid to watch TV and Fluther.

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Wish I was in a little box. Getting paid for it would be a bonus.

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@Darwin yeah, we have an old cat named monkee and she is about to give up, i think. she still talks to us from under the bed, but is not so visible these days.

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Work. In a restaurant. Feeding you people. And listening to you bitch about taking grilled shrimp off the menu. And if I hear someone say “Cut it’s horns off, slap it on the ass, and send it through the fire” (especially while ordering a steak medium well), I’m going to shoot somebody. Sorry, had to work a lunch and I’m in a foul.

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This Saturday is an odd one, but usually I hang out with my boyfriend, watch a movie or some TV, read a lot, and cook. In the evening, I drink with his roommates because he doesn’t like the taste of alcohol. Sometimes I fluther. Sometimes I do not.

This week my aunt is in town for a conference and the boy is out of town, so I’m at home trying to convince myself to do the laundry. (It reallllllllllllly needs to get done.)

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Saturday nights I wor until 1045. Every other Saturday, my parents let our son sleep over my husband and I go out to a movie, or a bar to hang out.
Sundays we do things with our son, usually. I have work at 430, but before then we go out to breakfast, run errands, go to a park..those sorts of things.
Mondays are part of my “weekend” also. We grocery shop, then do something fun with our son like go to the zoo or museum or indoor playgrounds.

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