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Do you find that there has been more 'troll-like' questions on here, lately?

Asked by Jude (32201points) March 14th, 2009
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I have an idea of what “troll-like” means, but before I answer, please clarify.

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Oh, god yes.

Psst, essieness, click.

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@asmonet Ahh, thanks.


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Troll questions look like this , @essieness

The answer is yes.

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what does this actually mean. I have an idea but id like to be sure

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Being a troll means saying something just to incite a negative reaction.

Like if I was on and said “Bush is a American hero for keeping us safe.”

If I belived the statement it wouldn’t be trolling. If I didn’t believe it and just said it to piss people off it would be trolling.

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@patg7590: This is pretty clear

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haha ok.
the answer is yes

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From what I’ve been seeing, yes.

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Yes. sigh

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