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What is the funniest photo you've found on the internet?

Asked by essieness (7698points) March 14th, 2009

This is mine.

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this photo always puts me in a good mood:

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@lc it says error, check your link

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Its the spaces in the link above, this should work

Here’s one I found

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yes!!! hahaha thanks @fireside!
I guess I’m not that good at posting links…
wow do I lurve that cat wearing a duck hat.

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@fireside hahahahaha
i love that sign! i want to touch the edges!

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I mean really, what the shit is this about?


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Oh and just about any cat macro!

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…the lolspeak in that latest picture. My eyes, they burn!
But I second Icanhascheezburger

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I’ve seen the sign picture… that was what I was gonna post. I’ll find another, don’t worry! :)

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This is great for busting out at inappropriate moments.

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I always go to icanhazcheezburger when I need a lift. Another great place is here when it comes to funny pictures.

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Oh, and lest we forget Fail Blog.

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This thread on YayHorray! has some great examples of humor through pic….

link. → In this Thread We Talk With 640X480 JPGS.

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I’ve also lol’d many a time on this site

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You asked for it;

cool face
barrel roll

lurve to anyone who knows what folder I keep these photos in :)

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@teirem1 I had to share this one that I found on the site you posted.

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I thought Matt D, looked familiar! lol

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@aviona Stereotyping at its best.

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@aviona lmao @ “Author of: If God loves me, why can’t I get my locker open?

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oh high school.

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Too many to choose, so I won’t. Here’s many. :)
Pig Bus
Pampered Owl
Water Sign
Cat Lady
Exploding Cat
Force Field
Electro Kitten

ahem that will be all.

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Another alternative to the cat meme, for the more politically conscious amongst us.

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Where did you find those Snowmen!?

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Why are you so concerned about that, ‘Mo? Are they your… ALIEN ANCESTORS?! Bum bum bummmmm.

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Isn’t it a school night, little monkey my dear?
They’re too awesome. I must know who made them!

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@asmonet, Psssttt, It’s Saturday night…no school tomorrow in most American schools.

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No idea. That’s the wonders of StumbleUpon.

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@aviona You pretty much rule this thread.

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:P That’s what happens when you have StumbleUpon.

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continue the ruling…:)

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@aviona StumbleUpon is the shit.

icehky06's avatar – It’s rude but I find it hilarious sorry if it doesn’t work : /

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Funny Yoda Dog Dog looks like master Yoda from Star Wars,

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