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I want a new phone, but my contract with AT&T isnt over, What must i do to get the new phone? Do i report it stolen or Broken? HELP?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) March 14th, 2009

I want a new AT&T phone but my contract with them doesnt end untill May of 2010. If i say i lost it can i buy the new phone. Or if i say it broke can i get the phone??? I will break my phone just to get a NEW One. (the PINK BLACK JACK)? or I could fake lose my phone. LOL. i just want that phone! And i dont want to extend my contract for another 2 years. I LIKE the company but i hate the phone. I dont have NO insurance or warranty and if i did its over! HELP ME PLEASE!!

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You wait for your upgrade, buy one online or buy one in store for full price.
You have no insurance or warranty, bad move cupcake.

Hysterical punctuation and caps makes you look silly and does not emphasize your points.

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If your contract isn’t up until May 2010, then your phone should be covered under warranty. However, you can’t get a warranty replacement without the phone having a technical malfunction that is not related to being physically damaged. If you send in a physically damaged phone (water damage, broken/cracked), they will charge you for the full price of the phone. Even then, they would send you the same phone. If you had insurance, you could say you lost the phone, but you would get the same phone and would be charged $450.

Thankfully, the wireless companies have caught on to people like you who try to abuse the system. (Sorry, don’t mean to be rude, this just really bothers me)

My advice would be to:
a) Get over it, it’s just a freaking phone.
2) Save up your money and buy one at full price.
3) Shop on eBay for a used phone (make sure it doesn’t include a contract).

P.S. If you don’t want to have to extend your contract for 2 more years, you will have to pay full retail price for the phone regardless. That’s on average about $150 more than the upgrade price of the phone.

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And in future don’t sign up to long term contracts that you aren’t going to see through to the end.

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You chose a phone you don’t like so now you’re asking people for advice on how to take advantage of a company? Not cool. Suck it up, or save your money and buy a phone you’d be happier with.

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