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Tell a true story in one sentence.

Asked by aviona (3250points) March 14th, 2009

Tell a true story in one sentence. No run-ons with commas, etc.

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this one time i was waling and then this thing happened ,, , ,, where i ,, then what was it that happened… ,, i ran away and then this end of story

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I was born and I`m here today true story I swear!

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I was born the third child of a drunken man and an overly-religious woman in a town known for its railroad.

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people in my nieghborhood always steal my personal mail

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I found a diamond last summer.

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The events that caused my best friend to fall out of love, led me to fall in love.

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Rubber toys have made only some people happy.

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One of my co-workers (and a fellow service member) got married tonight and he had the wedding ceremony and reception in the dining facility right here on our military base.

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We are all on Fluther right….......NOW!!!
(Does that count using the dot dot dot thing?)

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That’s pretty intense. Just thinking about that.

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@aviona thinking about what?

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My boyfriend gave his cat a girls name—then found out it is a boy.

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@LouisianaGirl : Thinking about the fact that we’re all on Fluther at the exact same time

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I saved $40 because my best friend is awesome.

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I went to a party tonight and hit on this girl who has a boyfriend; this is something I found out later.

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@aviona oh yea that is cool! I came up with it and I didn`t really catch that!

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@Elumas that sucks hopefully he`s not bigger than you!

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While letting the dog out a few moments ago I picked a half closed crocus and smelled it, then held it out to my dog so he could sniff it too.

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I just got an email saying that the other question I just asked has been flagged by a Fluther mod because it does not meet quality standards.

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@aviona I answered that one, they probably think it is too vague. I’d say something nasty about the moderators, but they have electrodes attached to my skull and if I even think bad thoughts about them…AUUUGH!! nevermind, the moderators are awesome, I love the moderators. I hope everyone knows this is an attempt at humor and I would never say anything bad about our moderator overlords.

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Although she kept up a good front most of the time, there were moments when her grief from the realization that she was alone and unloved, pull a cry from her lips that pierced the silence of the night with its sorrow.

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@LouisianaGirl The “dot dot dot things” are called ellipses.

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Writing one sentence stories are hard for the writer who is tired and falling into a terrible slumber, during which he envisions just what blathering will next be presented to the world of Fluther, a place on the web where creative response is demanded and disposed of.

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@Sakata sorry didn`t know that

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@LouisianaGirl. Just another wonderful aspect of Fluther – teaching people something new each and every day. =)

Now that I think about it, I didn’t know those dots were called ellipses either until today. I’m feeling smarter already!

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2+2=4 I learned that in preschool.

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nobody loves me

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@Bluefreedom yea that is true. @Sakata Thank you for telling me!

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@kevinhardy I`m sure someone does!

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@kevinhardy I do. Well, as much as any unrelated unknown to you online entity can love you.

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@kevinhardy yea I love you as a friend too!!! evelyns_pet_zebra said it perfectly!

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For four years I slightly mispronounced a Japanese word I thought meant “I have allergies” but actually meant “I am sexually aroused”.

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Here’s the correct answer to: Oh, do you have a cold?
I have allergies: kafun shou
I have an erection: kofun shou
Small error, but big difference….

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@kevinhardy, why does it seem that your only contributions have been in the form of self-pitying bitchery?

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If Nestle stopped making Nesquik, I’d probably keel over dead.

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@peyton_farquhar man that was harsh because I have talked to kevinhardy and I know the dificulties he/she is going through so I understand why he/she is upset.

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i once drank a pint of my own urine.

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I was a sad, helpless little girl and I became a strong, happy woman.

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@augustlan that is so wonderful and I hope that i can one day say the same thing!

will you be my mentor?

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I’ll be your Fluther-Mother : )

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TRUE STORY: that’s where i got the idea from!

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True story: I once did a fanfiction challenge wherein I wrote fifty one-sentence stories about one pairing.

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When she was in first grade she was so certain she was learning to fly that she chose flying as her Show and Tell topic and explained to the class exactly how she was doing it.

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In the spring of 1985, I opened the closet door and have been on the outside since.

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I got married to a girl that messaged me on MySpace.

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Not only did I marry a girl that I had never dated but she hated me for 5 years prior to our vows… we’ve been together over 10 years so far.

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One time, I put a ruby in one of my nostrils to see if it would fit, it did.

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@Sakata please explain more.

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In 97’ a tanker burst near “skull valley” in washington releasing 30,000 gallons of plutonium into the atmosphere.

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Rocking in his chair, he could remember at time when he couldn’t take a step without being overwhelmed by the feeling of life splashing up around his feet like so many puddles of blood.

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Yesterday, my kids were playing “Heart and Soul” on the piano with such joy, that I had to join in.

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tonight i hung out with the boy that my best friend in the world dumped 3 days ago, just to talk, and i had butterflies the whole time. confusion

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