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Have we ever had a Flutherite die?

Asked by AlfredaPrufrock (9384points) March 14th, 2009

Just wondering about the community funerary practices, after reading about memorialization on Facebook

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I really don`t know, good question I`m sure we might have some pretty shocking replies!

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That would certainly be a grievous loss considering that all of us Jellies here are such esteemed individuals in our own little ways and all of our contributions here are significant in some way, no matter how big or how small they might be.

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forever immortalized on fluther

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Alfreda, you changed your avatar! I am shocked.

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@Bluefreedom you only speak the truth and it`s so sweet that I want to cry!!!

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How would we know? I don’t have a significant other who would think to alert the Fluther community. I doubt most of you do either. Not counting the jonsblonds blojons blojans…

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maybe those of you without spouses should find a friend, sibling, etc that you can trust to jump on fluther and relate the news of your passing. I’d hate to have any of my fluther pals die and then we never know what happened.

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I hope not.

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There is one member with a terminal illness we haven’t heard from in a while. :(

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Well, we killed off JackAdam’s account but that’s the closest I know of.

Most likely we have but It’s not like were going to know about it really especially if it’s an inactive or low profile account.

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@PupnTaco I was just thinking of WhatTheFluther. His girlfriend was on here, too and I hope she would have let us know. If something happened to me, my kids would let everyone know. I think everyone should have a designated Fluther informer!

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If anything happens to me, the news will probably look like it’s coming from me. My best friend has instructions on where to post things to let people know why I’ve disappeared in case of emergencies.

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When you see this headline in the paper you can assume I am gone: “Old Dyke Pleasures Herself to Death”

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My wife would tell y’all. She’s on here (albeit not often).

Now I want to know if WhatTheFluther is OK.

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Likewise, I would expect my boyfriend to tell you as he is becoming addicted to Fluther.

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I was thinking about WTF also. He was coming to the really bad parts of ALS, which is dreadful at any stage. It has been a while. He had also alluded to being active rather than passive as the disease progressed. His gf is SSCrowell.

I have seen a family member die of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and chatting on the internet becomes extremely trivial when you can’t lift a spoon to your lips or even chew.

MIlo will inform you of anything important. He thinks my strep throat trivial, I guess.

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I don’t doubt that Milo can operate a computer at all.

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Wow, I’d forgotten about WTF, he started to disappear shortly after I became very active so I didn’t see him much, I enjoyed his posts a great deal. I do hope he’s okay.

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With a progressive, untreatable, neurological disease, it is very unlikely that he is okay, sad to say.

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Oh that’s sad. Well, best wishes are being sent through the interwebs from me to him.

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Is there a notification site? So you can tell it all the places you want notified, and your survivor can go one place, hit the button, and get all the places notified at once? They won’t have to know your passwords or anything, but the site would store the passwords securely.

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@daloon That is such a good idea! If there isn’t one, there should be.

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@daloon I don’t know about that, but there’s always caringbridge.

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Yeah, but that morbid a system is bound to attract people wanting to mess with others.

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