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Is fluther blocked in China?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) March 14th, 2009

Given their past track record with all things internet…

Does anyone know if fluther has been blocked by the Chinese government?

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Although I don’t know the answer to this question, I’d like to take an educated guess anyway.

I do believe that China has Internet Cafes and in venues like that, I could see where they might be able to put a firewall in place to block certain websites or at least monitor user activity. I could also see this in schools and in the workplace too.

On the other hand, with a country having a population of over 1 billion people and a reasonable percentage of them probably owning their own personal desktop or laptop computers, it seems like it would be a very daunting task for the Chinese government to be able to monitor each persons individual activity in regards to what websites they visited, such as Fluther.

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In order to learn if China is cut off from Fluther (or the other way around), see this web page traffic rank in other countries:

United States10,544
United Kingdom16,068

China has most of Fluther’s audience.

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Yes but you can guarantee it’s monitored. There is no freedom of speech in China and people are still taken from their homes daily for speaking out against the state. Even if the state takes your home.

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@ponderinarf I don’t think those stats are at all right. See here for a more reliable estimate.

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I’m pretty sure its not a computer by computer, workplace by workplace deal. China has the power to control the ISPs and they can therefore effectively block entire domains.

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It’s like Fluther Super Light..

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Augustlan and all Jellys,

I am grateful for you pointing to Quantcast. It appears, after more research, that all site traffic counters differ based on how they collect data.
Datopedia is one that seems to hit my answer and your answer in the middle.
No matter how wrong I may be or right you may be, I think it is drastic that China was not listed in the Top list for Q, while it was HUGE on A. Again, good catch. *I use Q and A all the time, but I never catch the differences. Now I will. :))

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@ponderinarf That site provided all sorts of fabulous reading! Thanks for linking it.

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Given the stats that clearly show a Chinese audience I suspect they don’t block the domain but leave the keyword/content filter to screen out specific QA pages.


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I know of at least one regular member who lives in China—tb1570

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I don’t think so because it’s the most tecnical place on Earth

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