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What is a good application that will let me use my computer's keyboard like a synthesizer or a drum machine?

Asked by amirman (21points) March 15th, 2009

I’ve done the google already and found nothing. I’ve found some online Flash applications but the latency is awful. I found one tool on a tinyapps website but it’s for midi audio, i’m looking for something, preferable freeware, that can give me good quality synth control or an ability to map my own wavs to certain keys. I’ve found similar programs for linux but i’m looking for something to use with WinXP.

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There’s nothing really that can replace a real keyboard.. both fruityloops and LMS allow you to use your keyboard kinda like that but… it still sucks imho.

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Buy a Mac and use Garageband :)

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ewwww you said the M word…. :P

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Stuff it jackson, lefteh’s right (no pun intended)

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@lefteh @iwamoto Buying a Mac is worlds apart from downloading freeware. If i spend money on anything it’s going to be a danelectro baritone guitar.

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well, you could just get something like a Korg K25 or something similar from M-Audio (i believe they have a keyboard with pads on it), they’re not that expensive, yet deliver better then a regular, but as far as software goes…well, i use Logic but that’s not free at all, anyone got a bright idea ?

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