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Do i need to have more than the rental cost available on my credit card so i could rent a car?

Asked by boricuasabrosa (15points) March 15th, 2009

I reserved a car on line the rental cost is 134 I have 165 available will I be ok

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No, they’ll book a deposit of at least $200. If you’re under 25, they might book more.

Good luck.

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Mine was $100 dollars. I’m 22. But it was through our insurance. I don’t know how that would have affected things.


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You should be good. But you should always get the insurance, if renting a car. I am pretty sure we also had to give them more money, like a deposit..and they gave it back to us when we brought the car back. My husband was usually can’t rent a car until you’re 25 (from most of the companies I’ve looked at. I wasn’t allowed to drive the rental, I was 22.)

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no, you will not be “good”. depending on which company you reserved with and where the location is (airport or local) the deposit will be anywhere from $100 to $300 *plus the amount of the rental. if you were renting a car at Enterprise in the Nashville airport you would need at least $284.00 available on your CREDIT CARD. if your card says DEBIT on it then its a whole different ball game. you need to just call the place where you reserved it and see what their procedures are.

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Most car rental companies require a minimum hold between $200 – $250 if the amount of the rental is less than that. You should contact the car rental location that you want to rent from to determine their car rental deposit requirement.

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