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What would be the best way to clean a down comforter bed sheet with puke on it for a full day?

Asked by cocofu69 (6points) March 15th, 2009


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Scrape off all that you can into the trash can. If your washing machine is large enough you can throw it in there. If not, take it to a laundromat with ‘commercial size’ washers. It can be washed in warm water, on the gentle cycle. Put the soap in and let the washer fill up about half-way before adding the comforter, so the soap is mixed in. Then dry it on low heat (it will take a while). I always lay mine over a couple of kitchen chairs to air dry for a while after that.

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I would do as @augustlan recommends but I would also add oxyclean to this (ewww).

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Throw it away.

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I would do what PupnTaco says. It is how I clean most things.

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Boys. Sigh.

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Seriously, if the bile has soaked into the down feathers, it’s trash.

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Ok, you do have a point there.

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Cleaning a down comforter is not the problem. Drying it is. If you are not careful the down will clump together.

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use borax when washing this will get rid of smells and stains and is 100% natural
if it turns out that the feathers clump when dried throw it out or soak it again and hang out to dry . there is a way to dry feathers

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Put a couple of tennis balls in the dryer with the comforter. It will be noisy, but it stops the clumping.

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So will a sneaker. But why not stop drinking and use the money you save to buy a new comforter? This time don’t buy down but a microfiber.

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