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What is your favroite kind of dog breed?

Asked by Lady_Yuna (3points) March 16th, 2009
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Pugs!!! I just love ‘em!

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Shih Tzus

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I think pugs are cute, I love Shih Tzus to

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Bernese Mountain Dog… or Yorkshire Terrier

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I am very partial to bird dogs. My grandfather kept German Shorthaired Pointers, which I love. My first dog was a weimaraner (another wonderful breed). My current dog is half English Setter/half Dalmatian. He points and is very beautiful.

I like them because they are very affectionate and responsive, they take commands and training well (including hand signals) and they have short hair.

They do, however, require a lot of exercise.

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My favorite dog I’ve ever owned was an Australian Kelpie. He was a great guard dog, super friendly, extremely smart, and he didn’t chew on stuff. But my favorite thing about Kip was this: When we had guests over to the house, he would “meet and greet” at the door when people arrived (no jumping, just tail wagging and maybe a little dance), but after that, he just stayed on the perimeter watching his “flock”. He wasn’t attention hungry and didn’t annoy anyone with that “in your face” crap that a lot of dogs do. I miss my Kip-alicious.

Here’s a picture of Kip. He’s on the left. On the right is his BFF, Sarge.

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@Marina My boyfriend has a bird dog, and she’s awesome. She does need space to run and play though!

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West Highland White Terriers…they’re so goddamn cute!

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I love all dogs but I’m crazy about my Chinese Crested.

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@Ashpea9288 Westies are great. With any terrier breed, you need to be able to handle barking.

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@elijahsuicide Oh you have to show us a picture!

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did i spell that right??

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dachshund :)

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@essieness, good answer. do you have one?

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@laxrrockr18 No, but Google is my friend, LOL. I do think they’re adorable dogs.

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Blue heelers, they are very smart and loyal dogs.

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Yea, well mine is alot better than any on the internet, she is nice to everyone in my family and my neighbors (even the ones i hate :( )and she wants to bite the fingers off of any body she dosn’t know

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I don’t have just one favorite breed! I grew up with Jack Russell Terriers, so I love them (as long as they are the right “type”), but I also have a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier now and love love love him to pieces (although I’ll probably never own another one after him because of the grooming required and insanely long puppy hood!). In addition my parents have a Papillon and she is adorable. I would love to get a Papillon myself later in life, but my fiance wouldn’t stand for it ;)

I also have always liked/wanted German Shorthair Pointers, AmStaffs, Standard Poodles, and Giant Schnauzers.

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I confess… I love them all!!!

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Swiss Mountain Dog, probably only becaue I love the one I have.

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Welsh Terriers… Some folks call them miniature Airedales

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Right now I have a white boxer and love her to death (she has a great personality) although I have had and LOVED golden retreivers and different colors of labs in the past.

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I also love German Shepherds. If I was getting a new dog I would try to adopt a Shepherd or a Shepherd mix.

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I forgot Heelers, Aussie Cattle Dogs, and Bluetick Hounds… I love working breeds :)

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I love boxers. I’ve had 3 and they are such sweeties.

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I grew up with a beagle, and when I met my husband he had a beagle. We both love them and I have a feeling we might get one in the future.
I also had a miniature pinscher (he’s not my parent’s dog).
I LOVE black and white border collie’s though. I want one.
My husband likes English Bulldogs. I have no clue what the heck we’ll end up getting. Most likely a mutt from the SPCA.

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Husky’s , and Yorkies

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This kind. We have two of them (litter mates) and they do indeed rule. His name is Spot.

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Dachsies. All of the dogs I’ve had have been dachshunds or dachshund mixes.

I’m also quite fond of beagles, bassets, coonhounds, bloodhounds, greyhounds, whippets, a great deal of retrievers, setters, spaniels and pointers… Hounds/hunters, mainly.

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Poodles! I showed standard and toy poodles for years – even put a championship on a few! They are wonderful, intelligent, gentle, obedient dogs who do not shed. There is a variety to suit any kind of housing arrangement (toy is the smallest, miniature is about two feet tall, and standard, who are a little smaller than most labs, but still big dogs).

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German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Bull Terriers (of all kinds), Flatcoated Retrievers, Field Spaniels and Jack Russells.

We (my family and I) currently have Flatcoated Retrievers (7 of them!), a Jack Russell, Collie cross breed and up until last month we also had a Field Spaniel.

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