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What is THE worst place to get a bloody nose?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) March 16th, 2009

Where ever you think

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At a Hematophobia conference!

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On the bus. Too far from anything to really plug it up, you just have to ride it out. Especially if you are on the bus on the way to an appointment.

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Not your nose.

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During the State of the Union?

Or any other nationally (or internationally) televised event where millions of people will be watching only you.

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In your ear? Is this a trick question? (just kidding)

In the middle of an important speech.

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During sex would be pretty bad.

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On top of your spectacular Spanish bride just as you begin to consummate your marriage.

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Damnit Aviona, lurve :D

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Your’s was more creative.

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Airplane. Middle seat. True story.

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At the altar in your white pouffy dress.

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Under water…?

more specifically deep sea diving or something…

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When leaning over a pot of marinara you’d been cooking up for dinner.

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In the shark pool.

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When you’re disposing of your latest victim’s body, and trying to be careful to make sure you don’t leave any DNA evidence behind….I HATE when that happens.

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At the altar, lips pursed to kiss the bride.

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Job interview?

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@atlJanie that was a combo of some mentioned before….

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and um @aviona, you really like this question dont you??

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When you’re playing Santa Claus.

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At a human-look-a-like Android convention where they are meeting to discuss killing humans.

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When your the person on the jumbo-tron at the Super Bowl.
When you’re walking up to the stage to collect your Academy Award.

I was watching a newsbreak once and the anchor (for all you Southern Californians, John Beard when he was on KNBC), suddenly had a gigantic wad of snot drip from his nose. He kept talking for about 30 seconds before someone motioned to him to let him know what happened. He pinched his nose and held his hand there for the rest of the newsbreak. There is no way that anyone who was watching missed that snot.

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True story—at a job interview and the interviewer did not even have the courtesy to let the person know!

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In the car in the middle of traffic. That happened to me on the way to Mexico. The car was stuck in LA traffic. We were going nowhere and there was nothing to plug my nose with so one of the guys I was traveling with gave me his shirt. I felt bad about taking it, so I bought him a new one in San Diego.

The least worst place is at a rugby tournament. That has happened to me too. Trust me, no one cares. If anything, your teammates want you to let it bleed because “it’ll look awesome when you take the field.”

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When you’re about to board a plane.

That’s the worst place for a lot of things, including having those damned little screws come out of your eyeglasses.

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@Jeruba, I am guessing that has happened to you.

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With the damned little screws? Absolutely. Just about to board the plane, picking up my carry-on, my book, my purse, my coat, my snacks—the damned little screw (note unitary phrase) lets go, out falls the lens, d. l. screw vanishes into gray industrial carpet. Yes, I had one of those little kits, but I couldn’t see without my glasses well enough to make the repair.

Same thing has happened to me when I was about to go on stage, when I was about to go in for an interview, and when I was about to take a child in to see the doctor.

I finally got glasses that don’t require damned little screws. They have that nylon line instead. Still a damned inconvenience when a lens goes, and still requires a special repair tool, but no more blindly combing the carpet for damned little screws while the flight boards.

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You should get contacts.

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Nope, nope, nope. Need three different speeds, and can’t stand putting anything in my eyes.

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K, i understand, they are just too expencive for me.

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In shark infested waters.

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@Harp : Damnit! Sorry, I missed yours. I suck.

In vampire infested waters…

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Near a school of piranhas.

“School’s out forever,” indeed.

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So I am taking this medication to deal with the horrendous headaches that plague me. I stopped taking it because of all the side effects, but the chronic headaches returned with a fright. One of those side effects is nosebleeds. I kid you not when I tell you that just today I got another bloody nose in the middle of teaching!!!! It sucks. Thankfully my wonderful students continue to take me seriously with a wad of tissue sticking out of my nose. They even encourage me to take a break…yeah, I’m not that stupid, they still work.

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During Sex, Giving Birth, and Church.

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Right after screaming, “That’s BULLSHIT! I have never done coke in my life!”

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In your happy meal.

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eww, @nmw

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That would make it a pretty sad meal. :(

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Think about it next time you have a happy meal.. you know you wanna. xD

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@ShortStuff – hopefully not all 3 at the same time, cuz that would be WAY worse.

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I would posit that when eating a Happy Meal, the fresh human blood would be the healthiest part of it. (What s a Happy Meal, anyway,?)

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@gailcalled a child meal from McDonalds

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What is on the plate, assuming no nose bleed?

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Whatever it is, I’ve had one there. I get nosebleeds all the time… :P

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