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Any cool money folding tricks?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) March 16th, 2009

tricks that form or show something cool, like the twin towers, or a bow tie, SOMETHING!!!!!

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Your Google-Fu is weak young grasshopper.

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On Canadian money if you fold a line that is the perpedicular to the edge of the smile on the face it will smile or frown depending how you move the money…

…if that makes any sense. :p

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I can fold a US $10 to make a picture of the twin towers

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@DrBill i know that but how

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I can fold any bill into a bow tie. Its much cooler with the old bills (the ones with the face in the center). I refuse to explain it on here though.

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Just Like This

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With a pound sterling bank note fold the note so there are 2 folds going straight through the Queens eyes. Straighten the note slightly and when you tip the note back and forwards the Queen goes from smiling to being sad.

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