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How do you successfuly convey, to a hairdresser, the sort of hair cut you want?

Asked by Jamspoon (1416points) March 16th, 2009

Any advice would be great; I’m constantly disappointed by my haircuts; I guess I feel a bit out of element at a salon but uh describing how I want my hair to look by the time I have to shell out thirty bucks is extremely challenging for some reason.

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take a picture in with you.

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Take a picture with you.

^^^^Yeah what beaverhausen said ^^^^

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Pictures. Lots of pictures.

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I pray…a lot. A little begging helps too.

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You should bring multiple pictures that represent the cut you are after, realizing that it’s unlikely your cut will look EXACTLY like any one of the images you bring because your hair and face shape is unique. You should explain to your stylist what in particular you like about each cut. Then explain WHY your after a certain style – exercise a lot, easy to manage, etc.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Pictures. And if you have a bad feeling while she picks up a lock of hair and you think maybe you should say something and you’re debating whether or not you should…

Fucking say it.

They will not mind if you are vocal, as long as you aren’t bitchy. But if you’re getting a bad vibe about a cut that is about to be made make some noise. Even if all you say is, “UHHH!”. If it’s all you can manage, they will get the message.

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When I changed my hairstyle drastically, in order to do what the hair wanted and not what I fantasized, I sent my sister to the cutter first. Then a week laterI dragged her with me as the observer and critic.

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Go to a better (and by better what I really mean is more expensive) stylist who will take the time to work out what you want. Also get them to explain how to style the cut afterwards so that you can recreate the style after you wash your hair.

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Pictures are the best way, of course, but you still have to watch out for cutters who cut your hair the way they want it, not the way YOU want it. Face the mirror at all times, if possible.

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Let me know when you find out. I finally got the one I’ve been asking for, and now it’s out of style.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I very much appreciate them :)

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Always speak up! Don’t let them do something that you know is wrong. I’ve gotten too many bad haircuts to trust anyone but my friend to do it (she’s a stylist).
Pictures are great, it gives them a visual of exactly what you want.

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I have gotten a much better $50 haircut than the $100 one from the maestro from Manhattan. I also notice a difference between humid and hot summer hair and cold, dry winter hair.

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I wish I knew how to get the cut I want from the person with the scissors. I even tried taking pictures of the most successful version with me and got a completely different result every time.

Now I cut it myself.

It still doesn’t turn out right but at least I don’t have to pay someone else to do it wrong.

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As a stylist myself, I can tell you it is important to bring pictures if you want something specific. A good hairdresser will tell you honestly if that hairstyle will work for you, and the amount of time and effort it will take for you to do it yourself. Remember, he or she is only a stylist, not a magician. The finished product depends on your particular texture, elasticity, whether it is damaged, etc. Don’t expect more than your hair can deliver. Just be open minded to suggestions. It will save you frustration in the long run.
Expensive does not always equal better, but generally speaking you get what you pay for. Most salons have different tier stylists. You can ask about the price differences. Also if a stylist only does cuts, and others only do color, that is a sign that they have advanced training in that area.
Don’t be afraid to say what you like and what you don’t like. Ask questions. Just don’t be rigid. Remember that hairstyles you see in magazines don’t always translate to real people.
Best of luck!

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Of course bring pictures, but above all else, pick a style that your hair can actually achieve. Once I did that, the rest became a matter of experience. For instance, my hair is thick and a little wavy. If I get a short cut, it must be thinned or I’ll look like a Q-tip! I also prefer a razor cut. Armed with this information, I usually get a good cut, even if it doesn’t look exactly like the picture.

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I have hair like Augustlan’s and I wash and condition it at home always. Then I can show the stylist the waves, curls, and cowlicks before she cuts. I let her spritz a bit with water. That way she does what the hair wants.

I always ask whether a stylist will cut dry hair; th technique is called Ouidad and is designed for wavy and curly hair.

Genetically our Russian hair was designed to keep Jewish peasants warm during the winters in Minsk and Pinsk.

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I have a picture of myself that was taken when I had the best haircut ever. That’s the picture I take in. Not only do I know how it will look on me, I know my hair can actually be made to look that way.

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@laureth your hair can change over time, so that hairstyle may not always have the same results.
I’m glad you found a style you really like :-)

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