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What is your favorite TV commercial?

Asked by essieness (7693points) March 16th, 2009

I don’t watch much TV, but this one cracks my shit up every time!

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The one with the epic pregnancy test and super serious announcer man.
And the condom balloon animals doing it.

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I’ll link em after I grab my sis from the airport. o.0 I’m twenty minutes late and it’s forty minutes away. Shit.

Damn it, Fluther!

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@asmonet: I love you like a penis loves a vagina. That means a lot. Also, it’s sex.

I like the old Volkswagen commercial where a couple is driving along and the windshield wipers are moving to the beat of the radio music, then the basketball dribblers are on the beat and traffic signals, and it’s very artistic.

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Lurve for the inappropriate compliment. ;-*

And I really like the VW commercial with Pink Moon playing.

@ubersiren: Oh I love that one! Been looking for it.

Love this, too..

And the one where there’s an orchestra made of car parts.

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This one is pretty good. Nerd points if you knew what it came from without looking at the title.

Also, a classic.

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Such a shame the programme where I saw this didn’t get the same exposure as Monty Python did in the US.

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I also like this one. ‘Member?

How do you do the fancy text change with your hyperlinks?

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I love this one.

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@syz : That would never show in the US. Everyone would be all, “That is so irresponsible! Think of the children! What about the children!?!?” I thought it was great.

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@ubersiren Aww, that was sad.

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Of course this one is always a crowd pleaser!

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@essieness : YOU. How do you do that fancy thing with your hyperlink? That thing you just did…

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@ubersiren Look right underneath the answer box that you type in… It says “Style your text!” and shows you how to do strong, emphasis, whisper, and links.

I’m trying to spell it out for you but it keeps creating a link. LOL.

Someone help!

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@essieness – That is because you are crazy is why you are sad, yah? Hee! j/k

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testing, testing…

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@ubersiren – Do this but take out all the spaces:

” recipe ” :


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Got it! I was missing a colon!

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I love all the ones in this series.

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@ubersiren: Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the fake wheel one on TV, in the US.

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This is my current favorite. Highly disrespectful, but it makes me laugh every damn time.

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All of these and the rest in that series on youtube (I think there are 9 parts?).

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Oh, and Tony Sinclair is my hero.

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This one is classic and another

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And for the trekies

But this is absolutely the best of all time!

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ATT with the song “SWEET PEA” by Amos Lee.

Also, I am a big fan of GE Commercials.

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Sheila’s Wheels

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