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What Are Some Good Pranks To Pull On My Boyfriend?

Asked by ShortStuff (65points) March 16th, 2009

I’ve Been wanting to pull a prank on him for days its just I dont know what to do.

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Cellophane over the toilet bowl always works.

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As someone who has just been dumped, I am not a good person to ask…

I could come up with some really evil things.

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You know you want to, @aviona. Just let it all out!

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if you can find someone to help you out with it… fake a pregnancy test :p
I know it’s harsh… but he’ll be friggin relieved when you tell him the truth

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@Dr_C :: That is fucked up. Funny. But fucked up.

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Or if you don’t want to go that far just tell him you’re pregnant. Not quite as fucked up.

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Im going to try it.

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lol nevermind, i read tru’s post as cellphone on toilet lol

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someone is going to be single very soon

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Laugh Out Loud

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@johnpowell .. she never said nice… and or simple…
it was really fucked up but can you picture the guy’s face?
now that’s comedy!

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I was going to say to tell him you are taking fertility treatments.

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Do you live with him or have access to his house?

These are pretty basic and easy.

Xerox off a bunch of pics of his least favorite person, or someone that would get him riled up – go through the picture frames and insert the person’s face in over random people. It’s subtle, and it may take a while for him to notice it.

And then there’s the ol’ aluminum foil trick. Cover everything in one entire room in it.

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@Dr_C i think it would be better if he didnt find out she wasnt pregnant :L
you could start up a dating web page in his name and give all his details and set him up with guys and really ugly fat people

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@sandystrachan cold, calculating, sadistic… HILARIOUS!!!
you my friend have a first rate mind and i commend you for using your powers for the entertainment of the many over the well-being and sanity of the one!
You will go far jelly.

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@Dr_C thank you kindly i am to please

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Teasing will get back at them for ANYTHING. Just pretend you’re going to suck his dick, then be like, “I’m tired.”

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well last year i faked a pregancy tested and i went to the doctors 2 weeks later and found out i was really pregant…lol…but this year was good. he went to work at 5am this morning and i went there 2 hours ago and cellophaned his whole car so you cant open the doors or anything. so now im just waitin for him to call and say one of his buddies did it cause he works construction.

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