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What do people think about pre-recorded telephone calls?

Asked by Vinifera7 (2846points) March 16th, 2009

Useful? Annoying? What do you think when you answer the phone and discover that it’s a pre-recorded message?

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I never answer when the menu doesn’t give me caller ID or I don’t recognize the cell number. I find them loathsome.

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They are annoying in most cases, and unless they are from the base, my son’s school, or the pharmacy, I hang up immediately upon determining that they are a pre-recorded message.

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I think they’re pretty cool. I got a call from Bill Clinton yesterday.

not really. but it is a bit more fun to cuss out the phone if it’s just a computer/recording

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I see why they’re useful, but 8 times out of 10 it’s to sell me something. I hang up if I figure out that’s what it is.

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I do not like them.

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They’re an abomination.

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^^What she said.^^

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I f-ing hate them. It’s like spam, junk mail, or advertising that is coming into your home and forcing you to read it right now. It feels invasive.

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The absolute worst one asked me to press a button if I was the person to whom the call was directed. When I did, they put me on hold! Now, I just hang up.

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And how about the ones that are about something real (e.g., your AT&T service call has been completed, and if you just listen and hang up, they assume the problem has been corrected and close the case), only they don’t repeat the message, don’t give you a chance to pause it while you check with someone, and don’t ask first to speak to an adult?

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Or the live ones who call me “Gail” and ask me how I am doing. I reply with “I never discuss my health with strangers.” That takes care of that.

Occasionally I’ll pick up and say “Calder Residence.” And tell the caller that Mrs. Calder is out of the country…forever probably and that I am just the secretary (that part is true0>

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