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Have you ever had a premonition?

Asked by aviona (3242points) March 16th, 2009

Have you ever known something was going to happen? Have you ever had a dream that something was going to happen and then it actually did? What was your premonition?

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Not one that came true. My husband gets them, and his are usually accurate.

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I have them all the time. When something happens to my parents I call them the next day and sure enough something happened.

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Yes, I knew that you were going to ask this question.

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No. I do have bad feelings about things, but never actual premonitions.

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@SeventhSense i hate you
i was about to say that

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Tricky thing. Sometimes I’ll be driving fast on the highway, and I’ll get this idea that there’s a cop up ahead, and I slow down, and there’s the cop. Do I notice that sometimes when I get the premonition, there’s no cop? Dunno. Is there something else going on here, like I’m seeing something in the traffic that subconsciously tells me what is going on? Perhaps.

I’m pretty good at predicting the near future. Mostly that’s because I have a lot of information and a very good model of human behavior. I think it’s good, because it seems like it works pretty well, and I don’t seem to be at a loss as much as other people, but I could be wrong. Maybe it’s also because I can empathize with others, and imagine what they might do.

I’d like to imagine that sometimes I go into a kind of trance, where things are very visible to me, inside my head. When I’m there, I can see things in the future. However, as much as this seems familiar to me, I don’t recall actually doing it, at least, not while awake.

I can almost feel what it would be like. I can see seeing the future in my head. I can make myself feel a rush that it could happen, and that I’m different in a good way, because of it. But I can’t tell you that I do it.

Really, it’s something different. A state of focused concentration. A way of being so present that my awareness extends foward through time. Again, I can imagine this, and I could fool myself into believing that I am seeing the future, but I don’t believe that. I just think I’m in a kind of trance where my focus is beyond anything that normally happens.

As you may know, sometimes manic-depressive people have hallucinations. Perhaps these hallucinations reflect things we worry about in our minds. One friend of mine sees aliens everywhere when this happens. On the other hand, maybe these hallucinations are something different. Maybe they are a window into some other time, or some other dimension. I like to read science fiction, so I have a lot of images like this at my disposal. I’m romantic, too, so I want, very much, to believe in the possibility of these extra senses. But I don’t believe. I think it’s a game we play with outselves. Too bad.

So, why do you ask?

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I didn’t have a dream. I had an intuition that turned out to be correct. One day, I was visiting at the home of someone very close to me, and when I asked how she was, she told me she’d had a long day and was tired. I don’t believe the way she said it sounded out of the ordinary, but in my mind, I heard, “She’s going to be dead inside 6 months.” It was as if someone had said, “The sun is shining today,” it was that matter of fact.

Sure enough, she had ovarian cancer and was dead in 5 1/2 months. :(

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I get deja-vu a lot, which I think is actually because I’ve had premonitions. I’ll dream something, maybe months ahead of time. Nothing of significance. Maybe a conversation I’ll have with my husband, not one we actually had though. Then it’ll occur months later and I’ll be wondering why I felt this happened already. A lot of my dreams are real life events that are waiting to happen.

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Like @Darwin, I get bad feelings, but not detailed premonitions. There are a few people that I call to check on when I get one of those feelings, and most of the time someone has had something happen or is stressing out more than usual. Every now and then it turns out to be nothing. Maybe there’s someone I’m ‘connected’ with and I don’t know about it? I dunno.

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@daloon to be honest the reason why I asked was because at the time I was watching The Simian Line, which was surprisingly good (despite the cheesy opening music!). It doesn’t have too much to do with premonitions, except that there is a psychic in the movie.

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‘Yes’, but nothing useful. Just moments of a scene that’ll happen a few days later. Usually centered around a loved object, person, thing, pet.

I don’t see them as ‘premonitions’ though, more of a complicated string of known places, peoples, patterns, an understanding of time, behaviors, instincts and an overactive brainmeat.

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I get premonitions, but I don’t really recognize them until after they happen. Like when my best friend got doored on her bike, I had a feeling like someone’s going to get hit with a door, but I didn’t know who or when or how to stop it from happening.

My great grandma was in a book of people who told the future. My aunt has it. My great grandpa was a ship engineer. He was in Japan, as he often was, on a ship. My grandma had a nightmare that the ship sank. She called him the next day and begged him hysterically to get off the ship, until he finally did. Later that day the ship sank and most of the people on it died.

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Kinda not the same but felt like sharing…

Also, my brother and I get injured at the same time. Almost without fail, since I was born.

If he broke an ankle, I’d lose a friend. If I cracked my head on cement he’d get rejected by someone. I get a paper cut, he falls down stairs. No joke, if one of us gets injured in an unexpected way, you can bet within 24 hours the other one is gonna get screwed too.

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I used to have them in dreams almost every night. Small stuff like what someone was going to wear the next day. Don’t get them anymore, though.

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I don’t know if you’d call it premonitions, but I often know who is on the phone before I look at caller ID, and sometimes I know they’re calling with bad news. I also have a sort of ‘link’ to my best friend, and can answer her questions before she asks (or finishes asking) them.

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Yes, and I should follow them more often. My gut feeling about things has ALWAYS been right, even when my rational thinking has been wrong.

I have often regretted following reasonable advice instead of doing the first crazy thing that came to mind, but never the opposite. So I guess I should follow my instincts more.

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I had them more when I was younger, but nowadays, I rarely trust my gut instincts, because my gut is such a fuck up sometimes. So who do you trust when you can’t trust your gut? No one has ever beeen able to give me an answer on that. I usually just ask my wife, she gives pretty good advice.

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Oddly enough I do but they really aren’t useful, its always about 10 seconds before I’ll say deja’vu after that it ends.

Basicly I have premonitions of my realizing I had one. Lame right?

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