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How would you invite a stranger to lunch?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6589points) March 16th, 2009

Well to keep from getting into too much unnecessary detail, I have become aware of someone through some friends who I would really like to invite out to lunch and get to know just because we have a lot in common regarding where we are from and who we know and what I want to do, and what she did. So I thought I would invite her to lunch. But, I am worried it will come off the wrong way or strange or creepy. Especially since I am a guy and shes a girl, and she really doesn’t know me. So, my question is, how exactly do I go about doing this.

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introduce yourself. then you wont be strangers.

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Have your friends introduce you to one another.

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I do this all the time. Just tee up the invitation ahead of time with, “mutual friends think we should meet, and I would like to take you to lunch or meet for coffee.” Odds are, the same friends have told her she should meet you.

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Do you have her email address?

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Hmm I was going to have friends do it, but they seem to think my intentions are not what I actually say they are. And the person I want to meet and my friends are really not that good of friends anyways. And I guess I haven’t really told my friend exactly why I want to meet her either. But its not because I want to deceive anyone, its just kind of senstive info I don’t want everyone and there uncle knowing. I do have her name, which allows me to look her up on facebook.

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facebook sounds good.

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I would first do something before going up to her and saying, I want to eat lunch with you, and making yourself look awkward, I suggest something like faking you’re in a hurry and that you don’t know who she is until you see her up close and then you remember that’s the girl from the party or whatever and then you say something like what’s your number I would enjoy ingesting finger sandwiches with you.

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lol awesome.

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I you e-mail her and say what you said in your question, that sounds pretty safe. The worst she could say is no. Tell her exactly who you know in common here, and who you think you might know in common from where you’re from. You could invite a female friend you both know to come to lunch, too.

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Yeah, that is kind of the way I was leaning too. I have not done too many sincere lunch outings and just didn’t want to come off the wrong way, and wasn’t positive how it might be perceived. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. And if anyone else has any more recommendations keep them coming.

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Go out to lunch, all of you. Get a foundation builder day out of the way.
Follow up with a one on one.

Less awkward on the solo lunch date because if you run out of things to say, you can laugh about last time and plan for the next while you get to know each other.

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Just keep your hands on your side of the table, and pay the check. It will be charming.

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Ask her to touch her nose and walk a straight line. If she is tipsy—well—you be the judge.

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Go for it! I am sure she will be delighted. Mention some of the things you have in common in you initial contact.

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I frequently invite customers to lunch. Mostly, it is informal and I ask if they have plans for lunch, if not, my boss would like to pay.

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