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Was Joseph's last name Christ?

Asked by SpTaAiYd (65points) March 17th, 2009

Where did the name Christ come from? Is there a Christ bloodline?

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Do you mean Jesus?
“Christ” is just the anglified version of the Greek word “Christos” which simply means “ordained”. Jesus was in fact a Jewish rabbi, and he was “the chosen one”.

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So no Christ bloodline?

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Are you working on your family tree, or reading The Davinci Code?

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Yes, God Christ impregnated Mary, which made her last name christ, so Mary Christ popped out a baby and named that baby Jesus… and through the “Christ bloodline” his last name was christ.


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Mary was a virgin, remember. That’s the whole point. Joseph was only there because he’s a free love stick around kinda dude.

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As Alfreda said: if you’re referring to the DaVinci Code “bloodline” you have to remember two things:

1. This is a work of fiction, and Dan Brown never said you have to take everything in the book for granted.
2. The bloodline mentioned in the book starts with Jesus Christ, who supposedly married Mary Magdalene and had a daughter called Sophia. Sophia’s descendants are the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
3. Jesus’ mother was also called Mary, but is known as “Virgin Mary”. She is a different one from his wife. And yes, she was married to a guy called Joseph, and actually had children with him (after Jesus). So Joseph is the (step)father.

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wouldnt christ be “gods” last name since he was the father the client and did he pay mary for his wonderfull night of passion ?

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This is the worst question I’ve seen all year.

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no, the last name was simply a title.

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It’s a title. Like King David’s first name was David, not “King.”

Surnames weren’t real big 2000 years ago – only royalty had them. Surnames in the way we know them didn’t come along until the late middle ages.

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“Christ” isn’t a name. It’s a title. He is properly called “Jesus, the Christ”.

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Srila Prabhupada: What is the meaning of the word Christ?

Father Emmanuel: Christ comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning “the anointed one”.

Srila Prabhupada: Christos is the Greek version of the word Krishna.

Father Emmanuel: This is very interesting.

Srila Prabhupada: When an Indian person calls on Krishna, he often says, “Krsta”. Krsta is a Sanskrit word meaning “attraction”. So when we address God as “Christ”, “Krsta”, or “Krishna” we indicate the same all-attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead.

full dialogue

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@laureth is right. At the time of Joseph, “last names” were more “descriptions” of the individual, i.e., Joseph could have been “Joseph the Carpenter” or just “Joseph Carpenter”.

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yes… and his middle initial was “H”
buries face in hands

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…which stood for “Helen” if my sources are correct.

Jesus Helen “The Christ” Carpenter.

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NaturalMineralWater has a point. This is getting silly. I am assuming the original question is an honest one. No need for people to be disrespectful of someone who is deemed holy by many.

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he may be deemed holy by many
in fact am sure thats why his mother was picked to be the one to have sex with god
does anyone know if god got discount

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ok… it’s one thing to have fun with a question and play around with names… it’s another thing entirely to insult people’s faith and making statements that are offensive in the extreme… not cool

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what you are saying that mary magdolin was not a prostitute
she was a paid lady of the night
am not poking fun at anyone merely stating some facts

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2 things… First The mary that was impregnated by the Holy Spirit according to scripture was “The virgin Mary” not “Mary Magdalen”
Second… The idea of Mary Magdalen as a prostitute is a distortion of facts that came about in medieval society… if you were to read any version of the bible.. be it the cathoilc version.. king james or any other you can find.. the word “Prostitute” is never mentioned in conjunction with Mary Magdalen.

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the bible is all full of lies and Chinese whispers

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maybe so… but it was still never mentioned

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they wont say in the book that they worship about her job

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So far, this whole thread is reminding me of this question

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@fireside you are very wise indeed…

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Sandy, Mary Magdalene (who may or may not have been the wife of Jesus) has nothing to do with Virgin Mary (who was the mother). Neither of them had anything to do with prostitution. The prostitute that Jesus helped in the Bible has nothing to do with either women.

And of course if you don’t believe it at all, then how can an imaginary character be a prostitute? You do not have to accept anything, or even show respect for God. But at least show respect for other people reading this thread.

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@Jack79 thank you for explaining what i couldn’t…

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@Jack79, in regards to not believing at all and “imaginary characters”, it’s not that we don’t believe these people ever existed. We just don’t believe they had any special divine connection more than any other humans – past or present. So the “prostitute” (if such slander was really spread) is part of history, and I think it’s fair to challenge whether or not she earned her reputation.

Way back when in the days of the “Marys”, a lot of histories were rewritten, erased, or fabricated by “the Church”. And it impacts many lives to this day.

So shutting down arguments by writing that if you “don’t believe” then what concern of it of yours (sorry for the paraphrasing)…that denies the importance of the history of Pagans and other non-Christians stemming from that era.

Please remember that that was an era in which Pagans and their beliefs were desecrated, slandered, and wiped out. So questioning how the events of that era transpired (including the dubious reputation of Mary Magdalene) is a very important spiritual right of a large number of people around the world – who to this day suffer silently that their faith has been given such an undeserved black eye.

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PS Jack79,
You instruct above that there’s “No need for people to be disrespectful of someone who is deemed holy by many.”

I am expected to show reverence for Christians and their beliefs all the time – but I can’t remember the last time a Christian person showed reverence right back to me as a Pagan.

But I’ll tell you what, I’ll start. J.C. gets all of my respect, as do your beliefs. Now maybe you’ll pass along that reverence next time you speak to someone of a different faith that goes against your own.

I’m not saying this to argue or to insult you – it’s merely something to think on.

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banana: first of all, I was referring to Sandy’s comments, which I find disrespectful, even if one is an atheist. I would never make such comments for Mohammed’s mother, or Buddha’s mother, or your mother for that matter.

secondly, I am not particularly religious. But either you discard the Bible, or you accept it. In either case, there is no evidence (fabricated or not) that ever says Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. And there is nobody else in the history of Mankind for the past 2000 years that has made such allegations against Virgin Mary except Sandy, in this thread. So unless Sandy is over 2009 years old and knows something we don’t, he’s just being disrespectful towards a person he doesn’t know without reason.

Thirdly, you missed the argument itself due to not reading carefully, but if you want to talk about Mary Magdalene, then quote ANY source (religious or otherwise) you want. I’m willing to discuss this on any terms. The slander against Mary Magdalene actually came from the church itself, in my opinion accidentally, so it has nothing to do with pagans.

And finally, I never said anything against sandy’s faith, if there is one. I am an agnostic myself, though leaning towards believing in God. But just because I don’t take the Bible literally, doesn’t mean the people described in it are all prostitutes. I agree with you that perhaps they had no divine connection. And that perhaps Virgin Mary was not a virgin at all (actually it never says she was a virgin in the Bible). But that doesn’t mean that “God paid her to have sex”.

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I’d just like to note: the Christian god is certainly not the only god said to make nasty with a human (or if you prefer how the angel put it to Mary, “The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee” Luke 1:35). He isn’t even the only one to produce a child with a human. However, no one would have blinked if Sandy was making snide comments about Zeus rather than Yahweh. Why the double standard? Shouldn’t similar comments regarding Zeus or any other deity be just as acceptable or unacceptable as those regarding the god of the Bible?

How is it more excusable when a god says, “I’m your god and I’m impregnating you to save the world, so feel free to be honored,” than when he says, “I’m your god and I want to get my dick wet, so feel free to be honored.” Either way the chick is being had, no matter her feeling on the matter. Remember, the angel never said,

“Hey, if you like we think you’d make a swell mom for God’s son.”

It was more like,

“Hey, thought maybe you should know, God decided to knock you up, but don’t worry cause he’s put a lot of thought in to this and he thinks you’re good enough.”

Personally, I’d press charges and insist on a paternity test.

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Again, where is the evidence that Virgin Mary is a prostitute? And that God got a discount? You guys are worse than Creationists sometimes! I was the first one to say “stop the silliness” when someone was suggesting that God made us out of plastecene (or clay or whatever it was). But it’s just as ignorant and fanatic to just throw unsubstantiated accusations like that around.

I’m willing to listen to someone who says God exists, and to someone who says he doesn’t. I’m even willing to listen to someone who says he’s a woman. And perhaps even to someone who may imply that he was Allah’s second cousin and that all Gods are just a bunch of hyper-aliens watching their little science experiment, us. But I will not listen to people saying Ares was the God of Peace, or that Aphroditi was ugly, or that Virgin Mary had sex for money (which is even more preposterous than suggesting she had parthenogenesis). That’s almost as bad as suggesting that Zeus was gay.

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Yeah, I would have to say that the offense was one of intellect, not of discretion.
Though I was surprised to find out that the Chinese wrote the Bible

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Jesus’ last name is a secret that was guarded by the Knights Templar which became the modern-day Masons, so you’d have to join the Masons & get up to a 33rd degree to be able to know such a secret.

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The name “Christ” is not a last name like our modern day uses.

Instead Christ means “the annointed one”. Or Jesus annointed by the Holy Spirit.

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