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What is your favorite chicken recipe?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) November 1st, 2007

I am running out of ideas for chicken recipes.

I would like to find out what is your favorite family recipe for chicken.

Thanks in advance.

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Although I don’t have the recipes on hand right now, its a toss up between Chicken Marsala and Paprika Chicken. Yet I would say that Paprika Chicken wins.

The cream sherry sauce is to die for!

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I really like Chicken Saltimbocca -which almost always contains a combination of chicken, proscuitto, white wine and chicken broth. There are a million recipes out there for it, depending on how complex you’d like to make it.

Chicken Cacciatore is also one of my old-school faves. That’s another one that has some variation, but almost always, it contains some combo of chicken, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

When I first started cooking, I experimented a lot with a stuffed chicken breast recipe. I’d simply butterfly a chicken breast and then stuff it with a combination of ingredients like, tomato, garlic, basil and mozz or feta, olive, onion, or ham and swiss etc… then fold it together, brush it with egg, dredge it in breadcrumbs and then throw it in a skillet with some olive oil and brown it. I must have tried about a billion different combinations with that one but it was fast, easy and depending on what I stuffed it with, fairly healthy.

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Chicken Parmesan made with fresh tomato sauce. The best recipie I’ve ever found is from “How to Boil Water” episode “Dinner Guaranteed” show on the Food Network.

But I happen to love anything breaded and fried in olive oil. :)

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On the grill, pieces, skin on, and the last thing you do, about 15 minutes before it’s done, brush the pieces with Catalina dressing. Repeat as it dries out, and let it brown on there a bit, not totally charred, but a little is great. You’ll never do it again without it!

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Put chicken into crockpot, cover with water, add one teaspoon garlic, pinch salt, black pepper to taste and cook till done. When done add 1 can cream of chicken soup and 1 cup rice. Cook till rice is done and serve. Very easy and tasty dish.

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