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How do I convert my iTunes songs to MP3?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) November 1st, 2007

I bought a Chocolate cell phone and want to upload my music library, I have the hooksups and memory, just need to convert my iTunes

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Unfortunately all songs on iTunes are DRM-protected with Apple’s FairPlay. Theres a way to remove this DRM with other software like Hymn Project but i think it’s illegal to do so

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this project is not difficult, nor illegal, but it can be time consuming.

first, go into the preferences window in itunes, choose “advanced” and set the import method to “mp3 converter”. then, set the “burning” method to “audio cd”

any music which you have in itunes which is not purchased from the itunes store can be converted to mp3 format by selecting it and choosing the “convert to mp3” menu item.

next, for your itunes-purchased music, you must burn audio cd’s and then re-import them as mp3’s

all done!

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Not all iTunes content is DRM protected. This spring Apple introduced iTunes Plus which offers DRM free content. At launch DRM free content cost more than regular content, but that has since been modified so that DRM free is the same cost as DRM media.

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Note that the “Convert to MP3” menu item (under the Advanced menu) will only appear as MP3 if you have your iTunes preferences set to MP3 as the default encoder. I believe the itunes default is Apple’s AAC encoder.

Change it in iTunes prefs under the Advanced tab, in the Importing section.

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First go under edit tab on iTunes and click preferences. Then go to advanced then make sure that it says mp3 under importing and make sure it says mp3 under burning and then burn your whole library onto a few cd’s and import them back into iTunes and now there mp3’s. This pretty much the only legal way to convert them to mp3’s. Good luck.

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If only for your personal use, it is legal. If for commercial purpose, it’ s illegal

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A program named NoteBurner can convert m4p to mp3, I just have a try.

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