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Have you ever loved something a lot (TV show, movie, band,etc,) then grew to hate it?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) March 17th, 2009

I bring this up because last night I was watching Family guy and this occurred to me. I had been a long time fan of the show for years, watching it every chance I could on Adult Swim. But as of the last few seasons I can’t watch the show anymore. Last night an episode was on that I had never seen before so I watched in hope that it would revive my interest in the show. Sadly I turned it off, disgusted at what the show has become since the uncanceling of the series.

Has anyone else had an experience where they started to hate and despise something that had one time brought them enjoyment? (This is not a place to vent about your children, sorry)

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Easy question. “Friends”. Used to love it. Now it repulses me.

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Ditto on the Friends thing.

EmpressPixie's avatar If you were there, you understand I think. It was so different, now it just makes me sad.

Also: Mangoes, Titanic (it was a short love), spaghettios, and my job.

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WWE and pro-wrestling in general.

I was obsessed beyond measure. I went to every live show within a 45-minute drive. I ordered the Pay-Per-Views. I watched every Monday and Thursday show on cable. I religiously followed the Monday Night rating wars. I read three or four different websites that recapped the shows THAT I ALREADY WATCHED. My friends and I gathered every week to watch together.

Now, I look back, and am just amazed I was ever that obsessed. It’s so ridiculously childish. I don’t begrudge other fans their enjoyment of it. I just can’t for the life of me understand why I was ever one of them.

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@EmpressPixie , you got THAT right about Askville. Now it’s not even good reading. Askville is what happens to a site when there are no moderators and people do whatever they want. And there is a non-random sample of people there now (for the most part). People who want attention, people who need lives, people who have nothing else but Askville.

It reminds me of a house that’s left unattended. Eventually there are mostly weeds and graffiti.

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How about “I Love Lucy”?

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there are a lot of songs like this, because i will like a song, then the radio or a friend will start overplaying it and it will just get on my nerves to the point where when i hear the song i will just change it because i’ve heard it too muchh.

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Why do they suck so much now?

Friends still makes me laugh.

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@tinyfaery I agree with the Chili Peppers. They used to be one of my favorite bands, but anymore all their songs sound the same.

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Shopping malls.
Windows OS.
A certain boy in my 9th grade biology class.
Matchbox Twenty, Third Eye Blind, and all that other pop that we listened to in high school.
Snow days.

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I never liked Family Guy, but I used to love Destiny’s Child, but I hate Beyonce, I used to love Gossip Girl and now I can’t stomach the bad acting and ridiculous story line (I still watch it though… hmmm…), I used to be a mall rat, and now I only go begrudgingly or when I want something, I used to love the Disney Channel and Nickelodian, but now I think they are denying kids the greatness of what was my childhood TV line up (Bug Juice, In a Heartbeat, So Weird and the Famous Jett Jackson, anyone?). Le sigh.

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Monty Python. OK, not hate. Just tired of it.
As the Chris Cooper character says in Adaptation:
“Just done with fish.”

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@kruger_d: HOW CAN YOU GET TIRED OF MONTY PYTHON? They are so freakin’ versatile!

@TenaciousDenny: OMG ME TOO. Except “the Nothing Fight.” That never gets old. I don’t even like jelly.

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Backstreet Boys and Vertical Horizon…when I was like 10.

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@TitsMcGhee I’ll have to look into this “the Nothing Fight”. I haven’t really seen any of his newer material. I was a big fan of him back when his original comedy central special came out yeeears ago, and I saw him on his tourgasm tour about 4 years back, but now it seems the more I see of him, the less funny he is.

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@TitsMcGhee: OMG. So Weird was awesome. But early So Weird before it got, um, lame. (I would say weird, but you know…)

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@TenaciousDenny: Apparently he also ripped off Demetri Martin, who hasn’t had as much commercial success/notoriety as he has… definitely not cool at all.

@EmpressPixie: It started going wonky when they lost Fiona and brought Annie in. What silliness.

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@titsmcghee: That is exactly when I was talking about. Lesson for TV writers: your main character is important. Srsly.

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@EmpressPixie: Like why did they just start that TV show with Patrick Swazye when he is so sick and possibly dying?

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@TitsMcGhee: Always wanted a one season wonder? But then, I’m okay with the old method too, of just replacing the actor. Like Darren in Bewitched.

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My ex-wife

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No, but the opposite has happened with “Sex and the City”. I used to hate it because it was the favourite show of a girlfriend that had hurt me a lot. I just couldn’t bare to watch it after that (plus we lived in Germany at the time and it was dubbed, which I find stupid). But when I moved to Greece (where they have subtitles instead), I watched a few episodes and it’s quite funny. Not my favourite show of all times, but good.

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that has happened to me too.
the whole hating it then loving it.
this guy, who is now my boyfriend loves smallville and i would always tell him it was stupid because i had never seen it, then he made me watch it and now i’m addicted to it.

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@EmpressPixie. I’m in complete agreement with you about Askville. It seemed to have some promise a long time ago and now it is just laughable and sad.

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I literally had to force myself to sit through the last season of the L Word and I once watched it religiously and loved it.

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@EnzoX24 I read your question and immediately thought of family guy before i even read the details lol. I used to love that show but god damn it hurts me to even watch it now….

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Coldplay. Oh how I wish the didn’t learn how to play piano!

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When I was fourteen they were comic book rock gods.

Now I look at them a say, “Huh?! WTF! ”

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Even into adulthood I could sit and watch just about any cartoon. If cartoons were a choice I loved them! I don’t know when (maybe early 30’s?) I lost my fascination with them. I am sad. Maybe now that I have grand kids they will re-ignite for me.

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@Jack79 I guess it’s by turns I used to love “sex and the city” but then slowly I ended up hating it. didn’t even like the movie.

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The Waltons. When I found out grandpa Will Geer in real life liked the fellows (or a special fellow) more than Grandma. It just seemed really out of context for an actor representing a traditional set of family values to be so different in real world. Also Raymond Burr had to hide his real love interest was another man throughout his long career.

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True Blood, season 4 killed it.

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@saegrave You speak the truth. Though it might still rise from the grave. Maybe.

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