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IPhone ring tone question?

Asked by Judi (39784points) March 17th, 2009

I tried looking up old posts to see if there was an answer and I didn’t find it. I am a PC user. I paid for a ringtone on itunes but it downloaded to my song list. I can’t figure out how to move it to my ring tone so I can use it. I know, I should probably be googling or something, but I feel like I need to ask a friend who know something about iPhones and well, you guys are my friends.

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Can you drag it into the ringtone folder?
I have a mac, so Im not sure how it’s different. .

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Are you sure it’s not already in your phone? Mine went there automatically.

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Look for an iTunes preference to Show Ringtones. The folder will appear amongst your playlists. Any properly formatted ringtone will go from that folder to the phone. Note to Mac users: you can easily turn any song into a ringtone for free using GarageBand.

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Plug in the iPhone and go to the Ringtones tab in iTunes. Tell it to sync all ringtones.

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I finally figured it out but I had to pay another .99. I had to use the “song” I downloaded and create a custiom ring tone. Oh well…..

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Yay! I’m just curious about what song it is…

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It was just a funny talking ring tone screaming, “Hey…. Pick up the phone!”

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