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When will I be able to lurve again?

Asked by tinyfaery (42867points) March 17th, 2009

I am maxed out on a lot of flutherites, but I need to lurve them. johnpowell just spent time helping me fix a computer problem and I have no lurve left to give.

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Your never allowed to. Sad isnt it? =’{

Thats why i suggested this though :P
now if and when this comes into effect is a totally different story lol

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I think it’s time, dammit.

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@tinyfaery, if you could do it, would you be willing to spend some of your own lurve (reduce your score) to award some to another flutherite? Just asking. That option does not exist at present.

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I don’t like lurve limits. I understand why they are in place, but I don’t like it.

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I like Jeruba’s idea of giving your own lurve…it’s so deliciously socialist.

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I would certainly have done it myself numerous times. I’ve thought some comments were just so terrific that I’d have paid to lurve them.

It creates a real value for it, too. I would like it if I could give, say, 4 points to someone I’d maxed out on at the usual +5 rate, and take a deduction of 2 or 3 points myself to do it. Or even all 4.

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I accept burritos too. Actually, I prefer burritos.

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I’m confused as to what a “tea-party” is, in reference to fluther.
I don’t think I’ve ran out of lurve for anyone. I still click it, just do they see that someone appreciates their post.

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What you need is a lurve surrogate.

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Will you bear my lurve-child @AstroChuck?

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Alright, but you should know, when raising a child, I believe in tough lurve.

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Cool…I feel that if one spares the lurve they spoil the child…

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