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Help us make up a weird disease name for our play...

Asked by lifeflame (5912points) March 18th, 2009

We’re doing a play and we need a name. It’s basically a play about a woman who is sick in bed for an extended period of time, and the play interweaves between her reality and the world of her imagination, memories, etc.

Our production is partially inspired by Susan Sontag’s play “Alice in Bed”, and we’d love to somehow pay homage to her by referencing her play in the name. Sontag’s play was about a young woman, Alice James (sister of Henry James) who was depressive, ended up in bed, and eventually died of breast cancer.

I came up with the idea of referencing “Alice” but some kind of Latin stem to make it sound like a disease. We’ve been coming up with names like “Alice Dreamiasis” but I am sure that the fluther collective can come up with something better..

It just needs to sound like a disease, and it’ll be great if somehow it referenced either Alice, bed, imagination, will power, illness… in a way that is not too obscure. It’ll be performed in Hong Kong so people’s English here are not too erudite!

Any one familar with Latin/Greek stems out there? Or creative minds that want to give it a shot?

p.s. Some disease stems here:

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Alicestasis. From your list, ‘stasis’ is to stand still.

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Oh, by the way, there are references to Alice in Wonderland too, so anything to do with size (meglo-), madness (mania), are all valid too. Also there are feminist references (hyster-)

But in general, the main thing has to sound intriguing enough for you to see the show!

Here’s another Latin list of medical stuff

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Cheshiritus.. very painful… requires a powerful anesthetic known as Alicethesia.. invented by the great flutherite @Trustinglife

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Mad hatters disease(:

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Alice’s reprobamunditis (false world sickness) or Alice’s reprobamundosis

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Alice As Is

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sick and tired of being sick and tired

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Completely unrelated to the source, but I always thought that “Scalia” sounded like a disease. He is a disease.

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Alice in Chains?

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Dissecting Alice

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And of course the sequel…Alice’s Restaurant…Little Shop of Horrors

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Alice has a lice.

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Acute alicistic sontagoma.

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You want a made up disease? how about, Bedalizis.

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Sontagomaceous Alicestasis

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