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What do you do when you are angry?

Asked by nebule (16449points) March 18th, 2009

Do you keep it pent up?
Do you get rid of it?

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I play really harsh music really loudly.

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Sometimes I yell, sometimes I leave, sometimes I pound on something. I pretty much always cry… which just pisses me off more.

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I let the source of my anger know.

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I go to the source, I vent & release it, then I clean house!
I’m beginning to think my husband makes me mad on purpose.

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I play classic rock, opera and rock really loud in my car.
Or I drive out to some specific places around here I know of… lakes, hidden docks, fields, etc. They’re always deserted. I go there at night for the stars too. :)

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When I’m angry enough… lets just say something usually ends up broken.

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I used to hold my head down, say nothing and stuff the feelings down with food at the earliest opportunity.

Now I tell the person that I’m angry and why I’m angry. Also, I call my sister and vent. She can do the same with me.

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Chill, take an objective approach, and pray.

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oooh luvin your new avatar btw @jonsblond

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I know what I won’t be doing anymore when I’m angry. Throw my phone across the room. I did this yesterday and now I can’t text or take pictures. Luckily I can still make and receive calls, but that’s it. no insurance :(

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If I can, I remove myself from the situation…
If I can’t, I try to keep it in depending on my level of annoyance and if I think whatever is making me angry will stop soon…
If it’s something I think will continue on or something which is going to make me blow up, then I let them know (nicely at first and the longer it goes on the angrier I will get)...

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I’m known for hitting/throwing things. My bedroom door is slowly splitting down the middle due to this particular habit.

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I call friends and vent. Then I go nap. If I am still angry after waking up, I get Chipotle and eat ice-cream. Why, yes, I am aware that my anger management techniques are akin to that of a toddler. At least I don’t throw tantrums :)

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I try not to throw things and listen to Tool or Rage. Go for a drive. If I’m being smart I’ll go for a run.

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@adreamofautumn I’m so glad I’m not the only one… although most of the things i end up hitting are concrete…however, i did manage to keep calm long enough to find a pillow to hit last week! :-)

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I think what I might start doing, since I just got a membership to the gym across the street, is going and working out.

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I have the mouth of a sailor and usually launch into a plethora of obscenities in spite of the fact that I have impressionable children (that gives me at least 300 more years in Purgatory, I suppose. If I believed in Purgator, that is). Plus, I tend to post nasty statements about my anger on Facebook and/or send ill-advised emails to the person(s) I’m angry at. You’d think, being an educated person, I would be better at handling anger. But I suck at it.

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@aviona ooh yeah…exercise is a good one!

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I work out crazy, I spend a long a** time in the gym especially cardio. For some reasons, my work out is much more intense when I am angry..

If i am not found in the gym, I am usually driving myself to the beach and just relax. Usually, the sound of the ocean relaxes me.

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i clinch my teeth and ball my fist up and I just stare at whoever I am mad at with a mean look and I start shaking. If I am really mad then I will start crying for no reason because tears just run down my face. But then again I have anger managment issues.

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or go somewhere that I can be alone.

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I don’t really get angry. The only time in the last ten years that I can think of is when my mom told me she wasn’t going to have her surgery. She would probably be dead now if she didn’t have it. I was in my sisters lawn throwing potted plants around and screaming.

I get mad on occasion, but nothing major results. Not caring about anything makes life easier.

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Well, it depends on who I’m angry with, and what I’m angry about. Usually I’ll keep my anger as hidden as I can if it’s with someone I don’t feel like I have much power with, or who could hurt me a lot if they wanted to. I’d just hold it in, and eventually, maybe try an alternate way of getting what I want.

With my kids, if they are being stubborn, I sometimes yell. Mostly I’ll start counting, which still works, amazingly enough. I’ve learned, however, that there should be a “no tears” policy with piano. So, I’ve taken to readjusting my expectations. It’s not worth it.

If it’s a big company, I have no problem calling and getting medieval on whoever answers the phone. Often I get bumped up to a supervisor, and occasionally I get what I want.

If it’s something or someone I can take on, I follow the “don’t get mad, get even” tactic. Sometimes that means doing nothing. People often hang themselves if you give them enough rope.

If that happens online, I’ll get real sarcastic, and try to make fun of them by just tearing them apart with logic. I don’t do that often. I find that if I keep myself levelheaded and kind, it works better. Right now, however, I am really pissed at the moderators. They have done the most idiotic thing, claiming that when you ask for examples to illustrate your opinion on the answer, it’s a poll question. I am, as they say, in high dudgeon!

I really hate that their moderation is anonymous. There is no one specific person to talk to, and you can’t get any insight into their thinking process. I feel that if we have to have questions with sufficient detail to pass their standards, then they should have to provide sufficient detail in their moderation comments about what they think is wrong with the question. I’m tempted to add a little addendum to all my questions, that lists all the reasons for rejecting questions, and asserts that this question does not violate any of them. Just to be annoying.

It is not often that I think something is absolutely ridiculous. But this is one of those occasions. I am ripped! I work hard to put my best into questions. I’ve been modded three times. The first was my first question. Ok, I was a newbie. The second was a silly question. Ok, silliness is against the rules here. I accept that. But this one? This one, based on the information they have provided, is just wrong!

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1) can I use your “getting medieval” saying in future conversations please… i love it!
2) can you explain more what the mods have a problem with exactly.. i’m not sure i understand this; “when you ask for examples to illustrate your opinion on the answer, it’s a poll question”
3)what was the “third” question? or can you not say? PM me?

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I got into a bad habit after my first spouse died. I found a box of dishes and smashed them all in rage. Now in the event that I am driven to rage I have been known to take it out on the china.

Disclaimer: I do not use them as projectiles or use them to harm anyone and yes I sometimes get cut which, along with the clean up, is sort of penance for behaving like an ass

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Depends on my level of anger.

If it’s something that has made me snap, out of the blue- like some asinine things that my kids do, it’s quick. I make a face, I change the tone of my voice and they stop. I’ll point out the offensive action and move on with life.

If it’s something that has been brewing, I’ll try to speak to the person rationally. If that doesn’t work…I generally will just ignore the person. I know, it doesn’t tackle the issue, but I can be a hothead.

If it’s something that I perceive as an offense against my children, I’m fiery, to say the least. I might not yell, but I will, in no uncertain terms, deal with the person.

I really try not to yell. It doesn’t accomplish very much and I grew up with a mother that yelled, all the time. I can’t stand yelling. When it’s all over, I cry and I really hate that, I hate crying because I am angry.

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I drink beer. Then again this is what I do when I am sad, happy, tired, hyper, celebrating, mourning, or speaking Finnish.

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@blondesjon – I speak pig latin…it really throws ‘em for a loop!

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I yell and swear in the most vile way possible. I write long angry letters to the people that piss me off and then I DON’T send them, instead, I delete them or shred them. Just today someone pissed me off on Fluther for calling me something that I feel is untrue. I wrote out a long nasty response, re-read it, deleted it and put my response to them in the kindest way I could muster. I see no point in getting all dramatic on Fluther. People are going to think what they want, and I see no point in giving them any more ammunition. I did say a few choice very harsh and hatefully crude insults out loud, though. I really hate it when people judge me unfairly.

Mostly I just rant and rave, and someday I’ll have a stroke or a heart attack from it.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Who hurt you? Let me know, and I will kick them in the shin!

Never mind. I saw it. She may have been joking, so I’ll withhold the kicking. For now.

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Usually nothing, I wait for it to go away. But if I have to vent it, I break things.

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@aviona why are you jealous :)

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I allow myself to be knocked out of view of everybody, and I change into the HULK and go back and kick ass. I’m kidding. I leave the room and go to my private space and either listen to music or put on something to watch.

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