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What is sibi in latin?

Asked by laxrrockr18 (276points) March 18th, 2009
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Google will get you the answer, I found it just fine.

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su, sui, sibi, se, se

Dative of the reflexive pronoun. Brought to you straight from ninth grade.

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Aw, Jeruba. Too easy.

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Was it right? I was so amazed to have that pop out after nearly half a century that I couldn’t stop myself. (But I didn’t explain “dative,” “reflexive,” or “pronoun.”)

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Haha, yes.
Good job! :)

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(And, see, the teacher would not be expecting anyone to have to go to Google for it. The teacher would not be withholding this information from students and leaving them to dig it up on their own. It is probably right there in the textbook. And so I am actually speaking up for the idea of learning the material yourself so you can answer questions about it in 2059.)

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“Dative of the reflexive pronoun” is the answer to your question.

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what is the translation….................

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Heh, I was kinda hoping for this to happen. Good show, Jeruba.

How about you Google reflexive pronoun?

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(and “dative.”)

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Well, yes, if you’re being thorough. :)

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Would that be “to himself, to herself or to oneself”?

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“Sibi” means: To/for himself/herself/itself/themselves/etc. in latin. It is always in the dative case.
Hope this helped!

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