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Are you a logical person who follows your head? Or do your emotions make you follow your heart?

Asked by Jude (32131points) March 18th, 2009

say, when making decisions..

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Logic, Reason.

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I’m totally illogical. Very rash, unfortunately.

Yet, at the same time I’m very indecisive.

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I always follow my heart, sometimes when I probably shouldn’t. It’s just what feels right. If I rationalize with my head, it can influence my heart, but in the end, my emotions are my most important deciding factor.

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i decide from the heart. i happen to be in a leadership position that commands on the spot thinking and long-term thought. but when i decide, it comes from the heart based on wisdom and experiences of life.

there are some very educated people out there who are “so smart,” they are alienated from the real feelings. the heart always beats the mind.

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Depends on my mood. ;~)

I think it on what is going on – is it a serious issue or something more lighthearted. I’m a bit of both, I guess.

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i believe the smart person is one who uses both.

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Very logical unless I have had a Long Island Ice Tea- then all bets are off.

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Logic and reason. It’s sometimes good to listen to what your gut is saying, but it can be tricked so easily.

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Heart, primarily.

I don’t ignore the intellect, of course; I’ll still cross-check my heart’s leanings to see if they raise any red flags, but the heart leads the dance. Life just seems richer that way.

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I definitely follow my heart more than anything. So far, it’s worked very well for me.

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I think if you work through the problem deeply enough, there shouldn’t be a conflict between the two.

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My effort is to follow my head, but it is difficult to control emotions once they come to the surface.
Emotions override most actions; they are the fastest and strongest response mechanism of the human psyche. The logical brain has no control over strong emotions. The conscious brain may know what the right thing is, but it can’t control completely or tame the emotion. It is like being a driver on a bumpy road, you can try and make the ride more pleasent but you will still get bounced around..

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A combination. Everyone is.. if you say otherwise you’re totally lying. xD

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I usually follw the Moscow rules

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I’m more inclined to act on logic and reason as opposed to letting emotion play a significant part in my decision making. There certainly has been times in my life, though, when emotions did have a noticeable impact on how I felt and reacted to something.

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My heart. My brain gets me in trouble sometimes…

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I do all the thinking that I can first, then I listen to my heart.

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I’m logical, but some times it’s logical to follow your heart. In those cases, ordinary logic is often illogical.

But that’s not very often.

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use 80% mind&20% hear yourheart

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