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What percentage of the posts on FMyLife do you think actually occurred?

Asked by girlofscience (7550points) March 18th, 2009

When this site was first becoming popular, the posts seemed pretty realistic. Now, they’re much more entertaining, but possibly fabricated. Of course, they could just be better because the site is more popular now, so more people know about it, and there are more people submitting, and thus, a better selection from which to choose.

All of the posts certainly could have happened, and I’ve had enough ridiculous things happen to me that I try not to doubt the credibility of events simply because of their ridiculous-sounding nature. However, it’s quite possible that, when this website became popular, in desiring to be published, people decided to begin fabricating horrible stories.

What do you think?

Also, they kind of remind me of the “embarrassing moments” page that was in the back of every teen magazine in the late 90s. Anyone remember those? (Or do they still have them?) The concept was that these were submitted by readers, but they were probably simply written by the magazine staff. Does anyone know the status of those things either?


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I was reading some of those and thinking the same thing (“Like that actually happened!”), and I did notice some that were trying for the most embarrassing moment. I’d probably say 75% (I’m pretty trusting).

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yeah, some of the posts remind me old Seventeen magazine’s Embarrassing Moments section. Mostly made up! But some are just so funny I hope they’re true.

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I don’t know, but it’s worth the entertainment value whether it’s true or not!

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i was thinking the same thing, about how true they are, and especially about the teen magazines! the fmylife ones, even if they are fabricated, are a lot more interesting/funny though.
and they totally make me feel better when i’m having a shitty day.

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69% but some of it is pretty funny, like @adreamofautumn said.

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Probably like 40–50%.
And those embarrassing moments in the teen mags were THE BEST.

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Some of them are so grandiose that they just might be true, but I’m sure about half of them are fake. Still entertaining, nonetheless. It certainly does make me feel better about whatever is happening with me.

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While searching for sites like fmylife I came across a few startups I think are worth looking at, the best one I found is which seems to be both txt and picture based. Sometimes reading endless txt posts is just too much!

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I’d say 25% are true, 25% are wildly exaggerated, 25% are made up on the spot, and 25% are rehashs of well-known jokes. There are several FMyLife offshots, some of them with a fresh twist:,,,, It’s such a great format. I like the fact that after the years of the video craze, words are coming back (as illustrated by the poetry/literature offshot

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