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What is the best way to cure a hang over?

Asked by who (5points) November 26th, 2006
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lots and lots of water, and sleep.
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water, starchy food, not more alcohol, a long walk to get your lymph and blood a'moving.
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ginger ale helps, too.
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ah - it's probably gone now, but for future reference... A bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (or if veggie just the egg and cheese). I swear by water with some emergen-c packets, activity to make you sweat the booze out, followed by hot shower and long nap. And if all else fails, some hair of the dog does work wonders. Just a couple though.
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For future reference, drink plenty of water while drinking. When I start to get smashed I switch off between water and alchohol. If I do get a hang over, I fix it by drinking water, have a bath/shower, then go out and eat greasy food.
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3 advil 2 tylenol before you go to bed. Works like a charm.
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tylenol and alcohol are a vicious combo for your liver to handle.
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If I've been drinking, I'll force down as much water as I can handle before I go to sleep.
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~ 3 quarts seems to do the trick -- never had a bad hangover.
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I'll second the nomtastic - beware the tylenol method - very bad for the liver
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Also - there is a medicine that they sell in the UK for hangovers - I can't remember what it's called but it's an effervescent thing, i think, and it tastes awful, but apparently it works like a charm and isn't just aspirin/tylenol/ibuprofen, etc.. Does anyone know what it it's called?
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Two tokes, buttered toast, 2 aspirin (so old school, I know), a ridiculously long steamy shower followed by a long walk--hydrating with lots of water and Emergency C.
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A hangover is essentially just the effect your body feels from being dehydrated. If you've got "the shakes" (read: bad hangover) then you need to slowly drink Orange Juice or anything with electrolytes (gatorade is surprisingly good if you don't have any Emergency C). If you can handle it, eating is always a plus.
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about 16 ounces of water, 2 ibufrofen, and a multivitamin. keep a glass of water by the bed, and drink it right when you wake up, then lay back down for an hour or so. money!
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everyone's saying it but sleep is so vital. drunk sleep is virtually useless, so be sure to force down that gatorade and catch some serious zees you need to hit REM
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Cut down on your drinking. It worked for me. But seriously, stay away from Tylenol (acetiminophen). It can interact with alcohol and cause liver damage. Stick to ibuprofen or aspirin. Hitting two with an 8 oz shot of Gatorade before bed is my prophylactic.
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drink alot of water and gatorade, if you can’t drink alot then have some ice chip, take a shower (a long one) and get alot of sleep.

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Drink some water, eat a yummy burrito and wash it down with some spicy V8 – hope that helps!

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