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WTF? Daloon made it to 10K! How the hell did that happen? Want to join me in congratulations?

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) March 18th, 2009 from iPhone

Congrats, Dude! You made it!
Welcome to our exclusive (well, maybe not as exclusive as it once was) club.
Doughnuts are on you.

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Congratulations sir! Great work!

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Son of a Gun! Congratulations!!

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I’m making you some cookies.

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Congratulations Daloon on all the hard work!
Does anyone know the count of members in the 10K club?

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Congrats D!

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Oh wait! I think I’m confusing this with the Mile High Club!

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For he’s a jelly good fellow…. :D

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…Which no jelly can deny!

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I was camping out his page on and off so I could post this. Ah, well. good show AC.


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Is that two in one week? Sweet! Congrats Daloon!

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Every speck of lurve well-earned. We’re privileged to have him among us. Extremely insightful.

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Congrats! We lurve you!!!
Jelly doughnuts, right?

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that’s a whole lotta lurve! congrats

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@KatawaGrey: More like 2 in 48 hours. :)

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Hmm, that explains the millions of questions I’ve seen on here with the name daloon attached to them. Congrats, oh colorful assed one!

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Thank you all! You are much too kind!

this is more than a bit embarrassing, but hey, I do enjoy that round number. Maybe I should stop now, and leave it there forever. I’ll admit, I did take a screen shot.

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I took a screen shot when I hit 10k too.

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Just saw it, and I’m glad I could contribute :)

All my favorite jellies are there or getting there quickly!

Sniff, sniff, I guess they have to grow up sometime, sniff.

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Me too, guys. :)

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lots of lurve to all

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It couldn’t have happened to a nicer jelly! Congratulations Daloon!

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i’m still new around here.. does this mean he’s ordained now?

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It is well deserved. You bring a unique and thoughtful voice to the community and have added much. Congratulations, daloon.

(Even if you have mooned me more than any other individual I have ever met.)

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@daloon, hurrah! for you from one of your biggest fans.

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Congrats! ! ! YAY :D (PS what is his avatar supposed to be? Globe? Butt?)

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Butt tattooed with globe…

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Yay, @daloon!

Here’s a present for you!

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Congrats! Thanks for all the great questions and answers!

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That would be a handy map. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been lost and needed a good butt tattoo. Well, not on my butt, that wouldn’t help me at all, but if I were traveling with daloon we would never get lost.

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Thank you! Thank you!

My avatar thanks you, too! It’s designed to bring up exactly the kind of question that @mrswho brought up. There is a story behind it. So to speak.

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@aprilsimnel This might be a more appropriate gift to mark the occasion.

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@Marina – Hahaha! You are probably right!

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Yay! Congrats! I wish I could get there…I swear I feel like it’s going to take me forever! I’m humbled by your Jelly greatness!

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Congrats Daloon!! Do you feel 10,000? :)

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Daloon, sometimes you end your posts with some version of “I don’t know if this matters to anyone else but me.”

Reaching 10,000 lurve – and fairly quickly – tells me that many, many people have found value in your rambles. Personally, I’m glad you’re here, and I’m grateful for our connection.

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Congratulation are certainly in order!

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Come back! I miss you!

bythebay's avatar

What did I miss, where did he go?

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He disabled his account. :(

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Does anyone know why? WTF?

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@daloon, you can slog through my gray matter in combat boots if you come back!

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Come back daloon. I need to see your colorful butt, or my day just isn’t complete.

AstroChuck's avatar

I concur. Miss your tattooed ass.

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Yeah! I miss all your great questions. Get your ass back here.

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Daloon! Come hither. Sit. Type. Ask. Answer. Entertain. Now.

We miss you buddy.

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Aw, gee, Daloon. Please come back.

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I really liked him :-(

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