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Would you not marry someone because of their credit score?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) March 18th, 2009

If your partner’s credit history was bringing your economic chances down, would you break up with them?

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No, but I’d be careful about how we managed our money for sure. My credit is perfectly in tact, and if I want to buy a house or car or something, I’m going to make it clear to the lender that my credit is the reliable factor.

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Only if money is what you’re after.

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I wouldn’t have married the guy that I did. He has the crappiest credit. It sucks, but nothing I can really do about it. We’ve been trying to fix his, but it’s pretty near impossible since the debt collectors and the people he originally owed refuse to get on the same page. (we’ve paid things off, but it still shows up on his credit..)

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i would have no room to judge…

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I would not, because this is more of a sign that my partner is irresponsible with money. I would never bind myself to someone who did not have a similar ethic towards money that I did. If the person was on their way up from a problem, possibly, but it depends on how deep the hole was they digged (it’s different if they are paying off student loans versus if they got themselves into $60,000 of debt by spending it on hookers and blow).

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I wouldn’t break up with them, but I wouldn’t marry them. I’d stay with them while they cleaned their credit up, then I’d marry them. If they can’t clean their credit up, then it shows they are irresponsible with money. I might stay in a romantic relationship, but wouldn’t entangle our finances. And honestly, eventually I’d probably get fed up with being the responsible one and the one who pays the bills because he’s spent all his money on beer or whatever and we’d break up.

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@dynamicduo “Hookers and Blow” – sounds like a dynamic duo to me.

But seriously, it would be a difficult decision. It’s so easy to accidentally torch your credit score over something minor, so I’d have to look into the reasons and the pattern. Possibly getting married while keeping separate finances would work.

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There’s no way to get married while keeping your finances separate in most states.

When you get married—hell, when you set up housekeeping with someone that’s not just a roommate—you are giving the power to completely screw up your finances. If you’re not okay with that, you shouldn’t get married; if you don’t trust your intended to not screw up your finances, you shouldn’t marry that person.

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No. just keep things separate. you may live together, but your credit stays apart.

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Part of being married is trust. How can you live with someone if you don’t trust that person? Before you get married, discuss about finances and the person who is better at managing money matters should be the one to handle the family finances. If you are the better person to handle your finances, then both of you should agree to that arrangement.Don’t forget that you are getting married because of love, so money matters should come second and after all, it can always be compromised.

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