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Does any lucky dog own Berkshire Hathaway A common stock?

Asked by gailcalled (54631points) November 3rd, 2007

I noticed it 30 years ago at $9,000/share. Yesterday each share closed at $133,050, up $1250. Yes, that’s correct. I weep…

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For more details:Berk Hath

For advice on kicking oneself, write to me privately.

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Erratum: 30 yrs ago it was selling for $3000/share.

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My dad owns 1 share of Class B, but alas no class A.

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Buffet just never split the shares. It’s all perception. There are numerous other stocks that have way outperformed BRK.A

My favorite anecdote right now is that if you had bought shares of AAPL in October 2001 instead of buying an iPod for $399 on launch day it would be worth about $8500 today… ...and that only took 6 years.

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Let me tell you about MY AAPL experience. When I bought my first computer (eMac) in 1999, everyone was so amazed that they bought APPL shares, so I did also – at $40. It dropped to $20 later so we all sold. However, I still own MSFT (purchased at its highest price and now selling for about $37.00). So don’t talk to me about  anecdotes:-(

What happens if one wanted to sell one share of BKR.A? Are there people hanging around w. $133k in loose change? Or ten shares for $1.33 million?

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And I won’t tell you what my  shares would be worth today. If I did, I might have to fall on my sword.

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Brother in Law spent $5000 and bought 440 shares about 7 years ago. Now worth almost $90K… I sold 500 at $22. Ugh.

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