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Name for a cleaning business?

Asked by imhellokitty (353points) March 19th, 2009

A friend of mine wants to start her own home / commercial building cleaning service. Got any suggestions for a name? She’s having a hard time with that part.

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I used to work for a janitorial company called “Greener Cleaners”. They only used environmentally friendly cleaning products. Mike (the owner) moved on years ago. The name and gimmick should be free.

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Delightful Disinfectors?
Careful Cleaners?
Neater Neateners?

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I used to run a domestic cleaning agency called Home Kare and then House Proud. Our commercial business was called Penny Whyte.

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The Clean Team
Variation on above for environmentally friendly: The Green Clean Team

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How about “We REALLY Suck and Co.”

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@Mr M – I certainly like that one, but somehow I don’t think that’s quite what she’s looking for.

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Tidy Time
Mighty Maids (a spin off of Merry Maids)

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A Clean Sweep

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Come on I clean!
Like the song, “Come on Eileen…”

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I love that song!

Could you give us some info about your friend & what sets her cleaning company apart from others? What is she passionate about? Does her name lend itself to being used in the company name somehow… or maybe the name of her town? I like a business name to have some meaning, and the more info we have at our disposal the better.

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Queen of Clean.

And I second Aug’s request for more info.

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A New Broom

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Dream Clean

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Mop and Go

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