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What is hanging on your keychain, besides the keys?

Asked by tinyfaery (43457points) March 19th, 2009 from iPhone

I have a member card for Petco and Petsmart, a miniature, leather s&m paddle I won at Pride almost 10 years ago, and a old, metal tinkerbell I’ve had for almost 15 years. What about you?

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The BMW do hickey they gave ne.

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the thread that used to hold the bottom of my left pocket together.

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My keys are on an orange carabiner (D-ring) which has seen much better days. On that, I have two sets of keys on two different rings. One ring contains my car key and car remote as well as a key to my parents’ house. The other ring contains my house key and access fob to open the common areas. C’est toute.

I dislike keychain clutter, so I don’t have any doodads or fancy things. I had a LED flashlight until the metal ring holding it on broke.

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3 of those bonus card thingies from different grocery stores, and one for the library.

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@Judi : BMW, ooooh fancy!

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My late father’s dog tags from the Navy.

I agree with @dynamicduo. I like a clean looking key chain.

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A stainless steel doohickey of a Union Jack.

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A small flashlight. Won’t leave home without it. And a small, yellow gizmo that will shatter my windows and allow me to escape if my car ever goes into a lake.

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I don’t have anything other than keys, they take enough room in my pocket as it is.

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I have many different keychains.
One has my sister’s keys and an ugly green cone
One has keys to my parents’ house and a map of Australia
One has the keys to their hotel and a magnetic pass
My current one has just the key to my car and a folding magnifying glass in case the plane falls on a desert island with no fire. I am at an airport btw.

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A carabiner, my keyless entry, and a securID for work. I hate having too much crap on my keys because I usually stick them in my pocket.

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My keychain is made of beads that read #1 mom. It was a present from my husband and sons. One of the beads has a painted frog on it.
I also have two small laminated pictures of my sons from a few years back.

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I have a side release buckle keychain. One half has my car key, the other has my house keys. That’s all :0)

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A bottle opener and a laser pointer.

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A snow globe key chain that I got from New Yawk.

And another with Betty Boop.

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Giant Eagle card, rape whistle that also flashes a red light, and a bendy plastic ribbon thing from OSU’s Sexual Violence Support center that has their number on it….paranoid much? haha.

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Too much stuff.
Three member cards for LA Fitness, a member card for Petco, Petsmart, DSW, a local grocery store, Borders, The Vitamin Shoppe, Keystone Kash. Apparently I have an obsession with gathering those card thingys.
I also have an orange clear pig, from PNC, that I got when my husband and I opened our first bank account together. And a pink lego brick, that my husband got me.

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Besides the keys, I have two keyless entry remotes for both of my cars. That’s it and it’s boring.

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An old red carabiner holds two rings:
The first has my massive car key/remote, a brass oar blade, and member cards to Wegmans, Price Chopper, PetSmart, CVS, Exit 9 Wine and Liquor Warehouse, and Borders.
The second has a very old stick of RAM and my house keys.

I have another set that has all the keys to the boathouse and a big yellow floaty thing in case i drop them in the river while I’m coaching. That stays in the car though.

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I heard a saying along time ago…something along the lines off “Your key chain is a reflection of how stressful your life is….the more keys and nick nacks on your chain, the more stress you have in your life.”

On my keychain besides my 3 keys: LA fitness, kroger, petsmart, and petco tags. Metal best in show pekingese dangle, and a little return to tiffany & co heart.

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Bottle opener…uh, because I need that when I’m driving? :|

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My keys hang from a carabiner so that I can attach them to me and not worry about losing them. Other than keys I have a 2g flash drive, my late cat’s collar tag and a bottle opener shaped like a lizard.

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A Budweiser logo thingy. It is my intention to beachwood age myself!

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I still have my first key chain. It’s from Tiffany & co., my favorite aunt gave it to me on my 16th birthday. I have the usual – house keys, keyless entries, store discount cards, and a blank key that my dad had engraved for me – “You are the key to your destiny.” He gave it to me when I graduated from college.

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A library card and a keychain with stones and beads on it.

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mini cc, grocery discount card, tiny light.

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I have two key rings. The main, everyday one has a small Swiss Army knife on it and the keys to my house, my ex-husband’s house (where I spend a lot of time with my kids) and my car key & remote. I started the second ring (which lives in the bottom of my purse) specifically for all my little club cards. It’s got about 15 of those things on it (grocery stores, tobacco store, library), the keys to my best friend’s house & my rental property, and an authentic British Bobby whistle that is loud as crap!

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On my work lanyard I have 6 keys, a plastic doohickey that opens the elevator, my ID, a memory stick and a whistle.

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The keyless entry for my car.

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A small pocket knife and a handcuff key. Hey, you never know…

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A flip open knife, compass, carabiner, and a steel loop that holds all of them to the carabiner.

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A “Chai” tag. Looks a little like this. It means “life” in Hebrew.

I just received my car as a gift from Grandpa, who’s 97. His name is Hy, short for Herman, so I always think of Hy when I see my “Chai.”

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Gym pass, and 3 flash drives for a total of 48gb.

Gotta have my storage.

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All the various keys I need, including house key, garage door key, backdoor key, key to my daughter’s room (long story), mail box key, truck key, tool box key, daughter’s car key, purse key (another long story), warehouse keys, gym barcode passes, PetSmart barcode card, CVS barcode card, Randall’s barcode card, church barcode card. The whole shebang is on a red carabiner so I won’t lose my keys more than once or twice a day.

I used to have other useful things on my key chain such as an LED light, a bottle opener, a small screwdriver set for fixing glasses, and a lizard, but my son took them all.

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A little Batman figure.

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an old tamagotchi that doesn’t work anymore, and a keychain i made in 7th grade with a lame painting i did of my cat lola. and a leopard print key that doesn’t match any locks anymore, but i like it.

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