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How do you throw a Fondue Party?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) March 19th, 2009

I offered to throw a Fondue Party for two other couples at our house. What are the best fondue parties you have been to/thrown and why? If I am doing cheese and meat do I need to have two separate pots or can I clean one out and prepare it for meat? Help!

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My first response was to say “Grab it by the handles and toss it,” but on second thought I would say you need separate pots for the different fondues, preferably set on some sort of heating element or in an electric fondue pot or at least a crock pot. For one thing, cheese or chocolate fondues need to be in ceramic pots, while broth or wine-based fondues for meat need to be in metal pots. You need to have all of the dipping supplies made up in advance also, so when the party happens you can join in with your guests and everyone can have a good time.

And actually, if you really want to “fondue” it to the max, you might consider a third pot with chocolate in it and accompanied by fruit or something else dessert-like.

There are many websites full of tips for having successful fondue parties. Here are a few:

There are even cookbooks just on fondue recipes:

Plan like crazy so you can have fun, too.

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Definitely include a dessert fondue also, those are so yummy…chocolate and fruit!!!

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dont bring out the baby book…

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And don’t forget the wine! The most important part of the evening is the socializing. If you can’t talk with your guests you are missing out.

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