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Does anyone know of a quick way to give a whole batch of photos a "Rounded Corner" effect?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) March 19th, 2009

I’m preparing them for Web, and doing them individually in PS is tedious. They are all different aspect ratios and such.

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Use layers and a mask

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but I have soo many photos…..

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You have PS? Then you can do a batch action. You can record yourself doing the process for one image, then have PS automatically do it for all the images in a folder.

Here’s one site that has info about setting this up. You can google for “batch processing photoshop” to find more instructions.

With all the photos having different aspects, it could be tricky, but I know this can be done programatically so I can’t see why you couldn’t reproduce it via the GUI. It may be tough, certainly, but with enough effort you could figure it out. Then again, with enough effort you can do them all manually too. Such is life.

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If they’re going on the web anyway, you may want to instead have the rounded corners as part of your code. There’s a ton of ways to do it, but most will involve some sort of overlay(s) you position with css.

Here’s just one article going over some techniques, most would work with images as well. A google search for “rounded corners css” will turn up a ton of results.

The added advantage is that you don’t have to process future photos and if you ever want to change your design you aren’t stuck with rounded images.

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dynamicduo has it right, do a batch action in Photoshop. Record a custom action. I just did this today with 22 images, made thumbnails out of them and cropped each…. its such a breeze!

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PS for the win. It has what you need.. you just gotta find it.

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