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Why is AXE so expensive?

Asked by windex (2932points) March 19th, 2009

Why is Axe body spray so expensive?
Are there any GOOD alternatives? (SPRAY)

tnx (sorry for the random question)

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It’s so expensive, because it’s such a chick magnet. :)

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They put a ton of effort into marketing it as a premium product. Thus, it is more expensive.

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Have you seen how much marketing they do? Who do you think pays for that?

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Damn empress, you type fast!

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@La_chica_gomela: Jinx!

edited to add: but you got me that time!

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Supply vs. Demand.

They were able to create a demand thru their ads to a certain age group…now, they can charge what they want & apparently get it.

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Their prices were high when they first introduced the product though…

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Which just means they wanted to position it as a premium product to begin with. It’s always harder to raise prices later—so hard, in fact, that most companies would rather shrink the product than raise the price.

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Yeah, because that way you can advertise it as “25% off!!”

Actually, it’s a not-uncommon marketing trick to introduce a product with a skyhigh price into the marketplace for like one week before you do any advertising, then slash the price 30% to what you actually wanted to price it at in the first place, then call it a discount. That’s what’s going on with most of the crap you see on TV where they’re like “Now TWO for the price of ONE!!!”—legally it has to have been that price at some point, but they don’t have to put a commercial on TV that it is.

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It’s marketed to post-pubescent males, whose brains are not yet fully developed (they tend to believe the ads), and who don’t have to spend their own money on it.

All the traffic will bear, you know.

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A nice bottle of cologne is a classier and longer-lasting investment. Drop the earth-killing aerosol can of crap, say some affirmations of your maleness in a mirror, go to your local Sephora, and try smelling 40 or 50 colognes. You’ll find one that smells great on you, and is much more identifiable than the homogeneous jockiness of any AXE scent. Also, the ladies (and men) will be more drawn to you.

Edit: also, pick up a generic spray deodorant (although sticks are cheaper and better for the air). I thought you were just talking scent spray.

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youre paying for that great advertising!

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After checking even 3 bottles of cologne my sniffer’s so overloaded I can’t tell them apart. I’ve often wondered why colognes are styled they way the are. Do I wear what I like or what she likes? I love the aroma of coffee in the morning or strawberries. That works for me. I’d be sniffing where ever she put it. I also like VS Body an hour after it’s applied. It’s good enough to wear myself – but shhh! Don’t tell the guys at the office.

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I thought it helps your ability to mate?

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I thought so too. But in reality I’ve found the most exciting fragrance a woman can wear to bed is the aroma of Dial soap and toothpaste. Delicious.

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Why does anything cost what it does? Because people pay that price for it. Advertising budget or not, do you think if everyone stopped buying AXE the price would stay at it’s current level?

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This is so funny. AXE originated in Germany and France, over there, it was and is considered “the cheap stuff”. Makes me laugh how they try to brand it as “premium” over here, when in fact in its home markets you’ll earn a “can’t afford a real deodorant, eh?” for wearing it, haha.

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@TaoSan…Same thing with Heineken…

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Haha!!! Heineken, the brand of choice for unemployed guys who’ll have that sixpack right in front of that grocery store, lol!

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not sure why a two handed weapon would cost so much?

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@Lupin They put little jars of coffee beans there. If you sniff them, you’ll find your nose is all fresh and cleared up. It’s kind of like a palate cleanser for your nose.

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