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Who (after Ben and Andrew) was the very first Flutherite?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) March 19th, 2009
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this guy was here before sferik.

Modern Classic

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wow, 1 year 1 month then disappeared…....

makes you wonder

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I’m guessing things wouldn’t have been too exciting here in the beginning

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I know I was one of the first flutherers.

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so how was the first year?

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@harp, @TaoSan: It was very exciting. You can imagine, it was the start of something brand new. And, every question was so thrilling—just that someone asked!

Modern Classic is still around, in another form—there was some mixup about his account, so he just began again.

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Um…are you allowed to tell us who he is? Or should we wait for him to reveal himself?

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@La_chica_gomela – I think it is okay to mention it seeing that he acknowledges it in his profile.

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Wouldn’t Gailcalled have been one of the first, too?

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And susanc and finkelitis were pretty early too, right?

@PnL: Thanks! The suspense was killing me!

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He still hasn’t been on since September 8th though. xD I feel so tiny here!

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@mangeons Not tiny. Just think of the years of fluthering you have to look forward to.

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The very first group came in late October, 2006. (Names like skfinkel and finkelitis are a a clue.) I was invited on board in early December,2006, since I was neither immediate family nor a graduate of that school in Providence. In general (I think), Ben’s family has been more blabby than Andrew’s. (Maggiesmom, Hossman, Kelly and Peggylou).

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