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Anyone here go to Santa Barbara City College?

Asked by aviona (3250points) March 19th, 2009

I’ve only driven through Santa Barbara, but it looks gorgeous and I’ve heard good things. SBCC gets great reviews on Students Review. Anyone Flutherites go there and want to add there 2 cents? Classes, teachers, campus, surrounding city?


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I went to UC Santa Barbara so I think I can give you a sense of the city and that school. First of all there is a party atmosphere there for sure. Some SBCC students live in Isla Vista which is where the UCSB kids all live, and that is definatly where the crazy partying goes on. I hear that people have a pretty decent chance to get into UCSB if you get good grades, and I’ve heard good things about the school although I think it’s also more pricey than other CCs. Santa Barbara is a beautiful town, great if you like good weather, a beautiful ocean and a relaxed lifestyle. Only complaint is that there’s not too much to do and LA is quite a drive away.

Let me know if you have any other questions about living in SB the city, maybe someone else can talk more about the school.

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:) Thanks.

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I went there! It’s a pretty great city college. The campus is beautiful. I once saw dolphins while studying outside! They have a lot of interesting classes.

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I went there from 1994–1997 and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! Best years of my life (so far).
I have many friends who also went to SBCC and then transferred to UCSB. Every one of them felt like they got a better experience out of SBCC as opposed to UCSB. The classes were much smaller and the instructors were awesome and there because they really cared about teaching students, and not doing it for the prestige of publishing research (so I’ve been told). The campus is stunning and right on the beach! LOVE IT!
Santa Barbara has great vibes, cool people, and it is a beautiful town. However it is SUPER expensive to live there (rent). I personally found it worth it and you could always get a job waiting tables at one of the hundreds of restaurants in the area. That’s what I did and was able to support myself fairly well. You wouldn’t regret it! I say go for it and enjoy!!! I’m jealous! ;-)

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