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If you could only have one, which would it be: sex or money?

Asked by rancid (214points) March 19th, 2009

I’ve had a few (maybe a lot) of bad experienceswith the opposite sex. For whatever reason, I kept getting burned. Maybe I didn’t know how to do it right. I gave up after a while, and have focused on making a little money, and doing a lot of travelling. Sometimes I do wish there was a warm body next to me on the bed.

Would you give up money for sex? I mean, would you be poor so you could get laid? Or have kids or something? Or would you be like me, and give it up as a bad job?

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Why are the two mutually exclusive? Use some of your money and work with a therapist on any issues you might have that are keeping you from happy relationships.

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I figure not too many people would lay a homeless guy, so I’d have to say I’d stay with the money. At least I could “buy” it if I had to.

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Money can buy sex, and you can trade sex for money, it can work. I would have to go with the money myself. I might choose love over money, but then again you could buy that too.

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Money for sex? No. That’s what vibrators are for.

Money for real romantic love, the kind that lasts? Abso-freakin-lutely!

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@Marina: I wouldn’t waste my money on therapy if they gave it away. Those people are no better than witch doctors. In fact, they are worse. I’ve met a few witch doctors who actually made a difference. I’ve yet to meet a therapist who can boast that.

Anyway, it’s not my issues. I just couldn’t put up with the crap. Most people I know think I’m a perfectly decent guy. If you heard some of my stories, you’d wonder why I still am. Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t run around making assumptions about other people when you know nothing about them. I know nothing about you. Am I telling you to get a makeover?

Is this what fluther is like, usually?

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I think I will have both please. I make money because I have to eat, have a roof over my head, and pay my bills. Sex is an awesome release of stress for me and my fiance(but its not what defines us). Its healthier for me to have both right now.

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But didn’t you say you weren’t getting sex when you didn’t have money either? If it is nothing or one thing, go for the one thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s sex or money, it’s better than nothing.

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Sex is nice, but it’s overrated.

Think of all the things you can do with money: buy nice things, take classes, furnish your home, CHARITY, and otherwise enhance the quality of your life and of others.


Love is something different. I wouldn’t give that up. You can still have love without sex though.

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Its just criticism, we all receive it from time to time. Especially when you post a question.

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Money. That’s what I want.

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“Give me money for nothing and the chicks for free.”

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I’d have to go with money, even as much as I like sex. Money’s harder to come by. You can always make your own sex if you have to.

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Sex, preferably accompanied by true love.

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Money over sex, but true love/loyalty/companionship over either.

When you get old sex is often not very important any more but both money and companionship can be priceless.

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Can I have sex on money?

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Money is not a good place for sex, I think. Money has been in toomany hands, and youdon’t know what those hands have been doing. You should take the money, and give up the sex.

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I’d rather have the money. Sex is fun, but when it comes down to what’s really important in life, money is more important.

@Darwin summed it up pretty well.

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I a guy. Take a guess at what the answer is.

we’d live in a tent in a drainage ditch if we knew it would get us laid

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That’s got to be some pretty good ‘tang

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Love over money. Can’t buy me love. (Not really interested in sex without love, either.) Fortunately, it’s not really the choice I face.

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I always would choose sex in the context you present.
From my experience when you feel down and out, you send the signal of desperation-a bad signal, You end up repelling people. Once you genuinely feel great about your life, and especially yourself, and others; you will find a women that you are fond of and she is extremely attracted to you, and maybe out of the least likely places, and she will end up providing you with the most eye popping steamy sex you ever had and it won’t cost you a frick’in dime!

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@rancid “I wouldn’t waste my money on therapy if they gave it away. Those people are no better than witch doctors. In fact, they are worse. I’ve met a few witch doctors who actually made a difference. I’ve yet to meet a therapist who can boast that.” Wow, that’s ignorant.

“Is this what fluther is like, usually?” Yes. Something tells me you might not last here very long.

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@MacBean: I think you are missing my point. I do not like being given advice I have no aksed for. I do not like being told I should do something. Maybe you don’t mind. That is up to you.

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@rancid Posting a question about your love life is always going to get you advice because everyone here is an expert. Stick to impersonal questions…..Qops, that was advice, sorry! LOL

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I see my mistake. I have added too much personal information. This question is artificial. No one has such a choice. I just wanted to know how people would lean, if they had to choose. You are right @galileogirl. I should stick to impersonal questions.

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money. Gotta pay bills and i can get married and adopt. Or if i dont get married, i’d have enough money to still adopt cause they would see that i’m paid enough ta take care of a child.


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theoretically, if you have to choose: money if you have responsibilities, sex if you don’t.

assuming “being poor” still allows you to eat and have shelter – if you choose sex you will satiate your need for it and then move on to higher things – but you can never satiate a need for money and will constantly be dissatisfied because you don’t have more base needs fulfilled.

but, again, that’s just theoretically.
in my experience, the more i focus on “money” or career, the more attractive i become AND the better potential partners i meet. win win!

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and i already don’t have any money

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It’s been a while since I saw this thread and I realized it was yet another of daloon’s incarnations that he abandoned. Rancid was definitely a peculiar one.

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I would have both please
cuz i already dont have both now

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You show real intelligence in the comments about yourself in your question. Keep traveling and exploring and a third party observation (counselor) might help you. Read alot Many subjects.
To answer your question without any extended discussion : If I had to choose between money and sex with a person I love I would choose money. It costs money to buy the essentials and to hobby and to travel to experience fun with family.

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If I could have sex but not with anyone I loved then I would go with the money. If we are talking over a billion dollars, definately the money. If we are talking slightly over where I am, I would go with the sex I won’t be losing much.

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When the wolf is at the door, love goes out the window. Show me the money.

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